‘The Interview’ watch full movie now, pulled by Sony Pictures from theatres ‘see below’

UPDATE: December 24/2014 – Just finished watching The Interview and my first impression, it is propaganda movie by/for the US Government. There were a few funny spots, but not anywhere near the best comedy I’ve ever seen. On a 1-10 it might be 4-5.

UPDATE: Sony is so scared about what the hackers have, they even gave in to taking down the YouTube preview, but you can view it HERE.

Simpson HouseNow we know what is expected of us in free speech countries due to the shut-down of one movie in two weeks. Artistic pleasure in the Arts expect that people doing such things, control what they put into a movie and do it discreetly, and with some clear thought.

I heard a good analogy today, we have freedom of speech but we are wise enough to know that we do not go into a full movie theatre (Not the Interview theatre) and yell out ‘FIRE’ this is irresponsible.

And we expect from movie houses, that they are allowed to express artistic artsy fartsy stuff, oh they call it ‘ART’ and use their common sense when making a movie and just think about what they are doing BEFORE they start.

In the end they will probably find some American 13-year-old boy in his Sony Pictured posters on his wall and a bong on the coffee table with all the stacks of hacked emails he just got off his 2GB mini laptop.

This is the newest and quickest way to bring Americans to their knees, if there was only another way of saying it. How very sad America, just when your opinion around the world had just started to improve.

It seems Ferguson, Missouri residents are getting the message, STAY HOME.

Tear gas directed at unarmed peaceful protesters

Tear gas directed at unarmed peaceful protesters

Ferguson, Missouri, USA – After eleven days of unrest in the small community of Ferguson (20,000) a suburb of St. Louis protesters have finally made the decision to stay home because the large numbers of armed security forces and the National Guard.

It all started last Saturday when an unarmed 18-year-old black man was shot dead during the daytime in a residential street just off the main drag.

mike brow shooting

Michael Brown dead

Not known when the murdered young man Michael Brown had a scuffle at a local variety store where he was seen on video tape allegedly stealing about $40 of cigars and strong arming (store video below) the store clerk while he was leaving the store.



Cop that killed Mike Brown

Cop that killed unarmed Michael Brown

He was eventually stopped by officer Darren Wilson (28) a six-year veteran of Ferguson Police P.D. who is now on paid leave. He has said he originally stopped them for walking down the middle of the street, but the officer then realized he might be the person the radio said had recently robbed (10 minutes earlier) a store of cigars. He got in a struggle with Brown and finally shot him dead with six-gun shots.

For some unknown reason The Furguson, Missouri Police Department website in down right now, and you can view it HERE, which is the Wikipedia website, and we don’t know when their home page will be open.

They may be hiding under their desks, but I think they are packing their bags, because I’m sure the force, 53 officers of which only 3 are black, will soon be shutdown and proper more trained officers will be brought in to stop  harassment of the fine residents of Ferguson.


You want to see what others are saying goto CBS and see what they are suggesting for Ferguson resident to STAY HOME. Click HERE

Ferguson, Missouri protests must be over for the, good, decent, honorable, hardworking, kind people of a warm community called Ferguson. Stay home Tuesday, and let the thugs, looters, criminals, go down and protest.


‘RoboCops’ Riot police in Toronto during the G20 in 2010

Toronto, Canada – We experienced this nonsense in the streets at G20 during summer of 2010. Over 500 protesters were arrested and released for no reason.

The good people in Ferguson have protested, now stay home. The only ones to do further protests will be criminals, looters, thugs, and trouble makers.
That will make it easy for the cops to go after the bad people, If and only if, the GOOD, KIND, Decent, hardworking, compassionate and decent citizens stay at home, because your protests have been heard loud and clear across your country and around the world.

Actual looters in Ferguson, Missouri after it gets dark

We agree with the 99.999999% good people in Ferguson, and want them to care about themselves and their families. Fighting the police is not worth it, you will not win, you may die, but if all the good people stay home on Tuesday, that will only leave the others. Please, put an end to this International story of Injustice to the great people of Ferguson, now. God Bless and we shall say a prayer for you tonight.



Toronto cops have 'velcro' nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren't the sewn onto their uniform permanately?

Toronto cops have ‘velcro’ nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren’t the sewn onto their uniform permanently?

Many local residents in Ferguson see what is happening now in the town is not much different from the normal. One resident recently said “It’s an unwritten rule in Ferguson and St. Louis that black men do not go out on the street after dark for fear of harassment by the police.”

With all the arrests in Ferguson this past week the most were not from  town, many of the same protesters have been arrested several nights in a row.
And what’s with the police that are acting for security in Ferguson, why do they not have any identification badges on their uniforms in case a citizen wants to report the actions of any police officer? Their appears to be no numbers on their shoulders or no name tag on the uniforms.
Last night an officer patrolling the streets pointed an AR15 rifle at peaceful protesters and said he was going to “kill them” fortunately another officer pulled he away but it was caught on video, and he has been removed from the operation and suspended indefinitely.
The officer was not named but he is from a nearby jurisdiction call St. Anne. When asked his name he said “I’m go fuck yoursel.”

Crackhead Rob Ford has done it again

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has done it again, caught red-handed with a crack pipe in Toronto.

Check out what some of the late night hosts think of the mayors decision to go into rehab HERE.

Ford crack


Mayor Rob Ford ‘Ford Nation’ this week, very weak indeed, a fail on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE (video below)

Mayor Ford and his clan visited Los Angeles this week where he went to “Promote Toronto” but it clearly failed. Kimmel made him come out looking like a real jerk, which is not difficult for his worship, but he did come across as a good, caring guy, with some personal problems.

Kimmel’s closing remarks were supportive and Mayor Ford should take the advice.

Being an alcoholic is not a laughing matter, nor is it an embarrassing one, it is real, and if he needs help, there is plenty available and his family will lead him in the right direction.

We love that you love Toronto, but please come up with some new slogans, material, it seems all the propaganda you deliver, it is always the same, no matter what show you are on.

One thing really rings true, no matter good or bad publicity, it can be good for the city, and Rob Ford has clearly made Toronto an international city, even though it is an embarrassment to us all.

You can see all four parts HERE or below and follow the links, over million viewers around the world and tons of comments.

He’s so well know around the world now, they don’t even have to say he is the Toronto, Canada Mayor anymore, just Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto and everyone knows where he is from.

Rob Ford tackles councillor at Toronto City Hall

The never ending childs play continues at Toronto City Council as Mayor Ford mimics another councillor drinking and driving and gets caught by the teacher.

Rob Ford UPDATE: Toronto Mayor ‘Eats lots of pu$$y at home’ uncensored ‘Pu$$y’ video

Toronto, Canada – November 15/2013 – Self confessed crack cocaine user Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had a bad couple of weeks, and he admits, it’s all his own doing. But he has no plans on resigning or stepping aside for any reason. He even plans on starting his next election campaign for the mayoral race in October 2014 in January, if you can believe it.

He admits, if he was not mayor, and some other councillor did what he was doing, he would not hesitate to take action against them in the way his fellow councillors are coming against him. Friday at City council, they almost unanimously voted (passed 40-2) to have powers taken away from him as Mayor. The two votes against, were the Ford brothers.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair ‘disappointed’

According to Toronto city rules, the mayor cannot be removed from office unless he is convicted and sentenced of a criminal office while serving as mayor. Unlike many American mayors, Toronto’s mayor is not the head of the Police Department and has no say on their operations.

He has been requested by Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to answer questions about his part-time driver who has been charged with extortion in the case of the infamous ‘crack smoking video.’ He (Ford) flatly refused to be questioned by the police.

He also reported he is starting a new show on SunTV Monday night along with his younger brother councillor Doug Ford just after finishing his highly rated radio show on CFRB Radio in Toronto, last week.

Click picture for more on Rob Ford and family

UPDATE: Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto and Star reporter Daniel Dale peaking over Ford’s backyard fence

Toronto, Canada – Mayor Rob Ford of  Toronto is a little upset that a Toronto Star reporter was sneaking around his backyard fence in the early evening and he rushed at him, while he was peeking over the fence, scaring the ‘shit’ out of him.
UPDATE – December 17/13 – Mayor Rob Ford made a ‘kinda’ apology today at City Hall to Daniel Dale.
Another take on the, so called apology by the mayor from DiManno of the Toronto Star.
Latest UPDATE: Toronto Police Service investigated the accusations and decided not to charge Daniel Dale with anything. I still don’t think he did the right thing.
Since Mayor Rob Ford has been elected, the Toronto Star has done nothing short of hounding him, and trying to dig up any dirty stuff they can, because he won the election and they did not approve.
Yes, but the people approved, and we are the ones that elect politicians, not the Star, or any other newspaper.
Since his earlier attacks in the Star, he has stopped talking to Toronto Star reporters, and I find that troublesome, since the mayor should talk to all media outlets, whether he agrees what they have to say or not.
I posted this comment on one of the Star stories, yet it never made it into the paper, maybe because it made too much sense and the Star didn’t agree. But it seems when a ‘scandal’ regarding Rob Ford, the Star leave the comments section open for weeks, but normally they shut them down after one, two days or when the comment numbers get around 100.
It will be interesting to see how long you leave these comments open, because nobody likes what your reporter did.
To say he has won awards, has nothing to do with it.
It’s sleazy, sneaky, and just not right.
I am not even a big Ford supporter, but if anyone does something like this, leave it to the other media, the Star has an agenda, and this makes it even more clear.
What Ford is doing by not talking to the Star is not right, I want our Mayor to talk to all the people, and that means all the media, he is not right either, but what your reporter did, was low and disgusting.
Grow up, both of you. He must talk to all the media and the Star must act professional. What added info could he gather from peeking over Ford’s fence that would relate to the story he is writing?
The comments in the most recent stories about the peeking over the backyard fence by Star reporter Daniel Dale, most of the comments have been behind Ford, and suggest the Star went too far. The reason Dale was sneaking around, is because he ‘says’ he was investigating a plan by the Mayor to buy some land behind his house which is now city parkland. It’s not clear how he (Dale) can prove peeking over the fence, to get the story. UPDATE: Here is a map of the parkland, (click map to enlarge) that Mayor Ford has suggested he wants to buy. But all request by citizens have been declined in the past, to allow citizens to buy city parkland. It’s going to full city council now for a final decision.
But strangely when it is a positive story about Mayor Ford, they shut the comments section down quickly. Does the Toronto Star have an agenda? You bet, they don’t like him and it shows.
This post was originally put up in May 2012 and recently updated with new videos since Rob Ford alledged that Daniel Dale was a ‘pedophile’ in his interview on Vision TV.

dandmb50flickr's photos on Flickriver Daniel … Toronto, Canada

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New Rule – Entry to banks will be restricted with full body scan or pat-down – your choice, just like airports.

It has been brought to our attention at First City Bank of Toronto that banking customers have been sneaking into the bank with suspected explosive devices and with this, we felt it necessary to bring in a new screening procedure for all banking customers and start full body scans and pat-downs.

We got the idea from the TSA in the USA.

Toronto, CANADA – November 24/2010
We realize we have bullet proof glass around the tellers, but it was discovered this may not withstand the explosive nature of an explosive device, so we felt it necessary to institute these new procedures. Please be patient and understanding as we will be as discreet as possible, although we may have to “grope” some persons who we feel are concealing any kind of contraband (ie. bombs)

You will have the option of going through our full body scan which is “allegedly” safe, and the radiation is very minimal (so we say,) and if we don’t find the suspected explosive we will do a public, full body pat-down, if you don’t comply, we will freeze all your funds in all your bank accounts, and if you were to die in an explosion, we have the right to your full estate if you die while being a customer of First City Bank of Toronto.

It has also been brought to our attention that the full body scan does not detect explosive materials, we feel it is then necessary to do a very thorough pat-down checking all “junk” on all passengers, I mean customers.

This is not a joke, since we do not conduct such stringent policies unless it is absolutely necessary and although we are not any part of the Federal Government we feel it is appropriate to conduct these new security measures.

If you fail to comply after entering the lobby of the Bank, the armed security staff, with the full force of the Federal Government will wrestle you to the ground and if need be, they will “taze you man,” and you will have no recourse but to comply.

I’m sorry, but because of this new ruling by our head office, we cannot provide private pat-downs (we never even thought of that) and they will be conducted right in front of the other customers lined up as they enter the banking tellers area.

We realize this may seem to some to be a little extreme, we just can’t take the chance of someone blowing up our bank with the fact that we have so much cash on hand (mostly $100 bills.)

Please understand, it was not our idea to bring in these new rules and we do admit that this new procedure may not be able to detect any kind of explosives, but we feel this will make everyone else entering the bank “FEEL” much safer, and that is one of our most important customer service features to make our customers, “FEEL SAFE.”

If you start going through the scanning or pat-down procedure, you are agreeing to all the terms and if at any point you decide to change your mind and want to leave the bank, that will NOT be allowed, on instructions from our HEAD OFFICE. Please do not get upset at our rank and file employees, as they do not set the company policy, they are only following instructions from our head office, and they are just being paid minimum wage. Employees will be supplied with sterile gloves (this is for the employees protection, not yours) to conduct the pat-downs and they are instructed to be as thorough as possible, so be informed and cooperate. (or else)

We’re trying to institute the $10,000 fine that the TSA is threatening if you don’t comply, but we need Federal approval, and you know how long that could take. (Even longer in CANADA.)

(disclaimer) None of these Bank pictures are NOT of our Bank, who is creating these new policies, we just don’t have any pictures of our (brick and mortar,) Banks yet, as we’re just setting new procedures.

All images are © COPYRIGHT – All rights reserved – with “DMB” Watermark.

Company President & CEO

First City Bank of Toronto (Not a “real” Bank) so stop googleing.

Oscar Bulkimeyer CEO, , D.V.M., PhD, DDS, LLB TSA – opps sorry. Huh …

(occasionally I will be on the front lines doing the pat-downs)

We got the idea from TSA in the United States of America, thank you, we want our customers to “feel safe.”

Tongue in cheek, on my FACE.

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA
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Review of Bell Fibe (IPTV) TV/internet service is nothing but problems be warned. See UPDATES.

UPDATE: September 7/2011 – Nothing has really changed much since I wrote this almost a year ago, I’m still getting pixillating and soundouts but it is better than the first week they installed the new FIBE-TV. After more than 15 service professionals  have attended our home we still have issues that have not been resolved, and yet Bell has said they were resolved.

I have to commend them for updating  a few features  which are quite neat, they now allow you to pause LIVE TV on all boxes within your house and they just added another feature which allows us to go online and either watch or update our recordings from the internet. Caution for Canadian customers, if you watch your shows online you must monitor your bandwidth usage   because if you go over your limited bandwidth you could be charged extra.

UPDATE – May 5/2011 – Bell has been, and can be very arrogant, if you look at this flyer we received this week telling us the service is available in our building. And the fact that they say the service is good quality, “Best TV picture?”  We are still experiencing problems six months later, although it is better than in the first week in November 2010, it is still pixillating, and sound-outs. To say “This technology is the BEST”  is really a stretch. When it’s working, is is excellent, but that has not been our experience.

Click picture for larger view

One Bell techie told us “You can’t expect it to be 100%” but Bell expects us to PAY 100%?

November 29/2010 – It’s almost a month since I had Bell Fibe TV/internet installed and I must say I am very impressed by Bell Canada, and especially Ryan the techie who dropped by on Sunday and did a thorough and excellent job fixing my TV signal.

I have had some complaints and they have finally addressed them, however I am still annoyed with the sales practices of the in-lobby sales people. But with that put aside, after talking with the Bell Executive Team in Montreal (they called me) my pixillating and sound problems have . The picture quality is absolutely excellent, no pixallating (where the picture takes a burp,) or sound outs.

UPDATE – December 8/2010 Pixillating and sound outs are back, but nice try. They say they will still resolve the problem but when it is working it’s great.

My next question is, will this corrective measure be addressed to “everyone” that has problems? I hope so, and suspect it is in Bell’s best interest to do so, and will people just give up and switch back after the first few weeks of pixillating picture.

On another happy note another service techie called and was able to fix the Bell anti-virus software that I was told was a “known issue and would not be resolved for a few months.” The internet side was not a problem other that the anti-virus situation since it was excellent speed since the beginning.

Read more…

what’s pissing you off in Toronto, what makes you agree in a big city, what’s unfair, TTC, Government, food price scams, plenty to pick from, including International crisis’

Toronto, Canada – A recent major beef on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the slow entries into the front doors of the streetcars downtown. Everyone is in an unresolved efficient loading of the streetcars in the downtown core.

ttc81714Another important issue on subways are the people who constantly block the doors that passengers are trying to get in/off the train.

For an efficient system to work, riders must be asked to use the rear entrance when deboarding, which allows paying customers to load the streetcar with new ones. And once on the Red Rocket attempt to move to the rear of the car so others can get on easily in the front.

In late August the branch new sleek, twice as long streetcars will be introduced only to the spadina line from some unknown reason, yet they will be offering onboard entrance at any four doors with valid metropasses or transfers.

Any one paying cash or ticket will continue to be required to enter through the front door and try to get past the people trying to get off.

“Please stand clear of the doors” broadcast on all subways at every stop is clearly ignored, and when someone is trying to get on/off at any stop is clearly delayed from doing so. Politely asking people to CLEAR the doors there met with, displeasure, and arrogance after a sports team event at either ACC or Skydome/Rogers Centre.

TTC rain (2)Have you entered the College/Dundas/Queen/KING station there are two sides to the booth for operators, and yet the majority of the time there are long lines since there is only one both in service?

Because of the new “boarding streetcar plans just announced, as an “Honor System” and passengers will be allowed to enter any door if they have Metropass or transfers, this will fail heavily. I’ve yet to see ANY payment fees checked on any streetcar line except Queen. And the honor checks rarely get on those lines. Where I do see the frequenting and just hanging out, are the Yonge/Bloor terminus and the UNION Station which seems to have too many checkers.


StreetcarAug7200982014Our purpose it to let you tell us what you really think about this new Honor System proposed in the near future, but is just really one big joke. The need to hire at lease an extra hundred people to do this ticket validating.

NHL Playoffs underway, but who plays who? Here’s the layout – team by team breakdown

@dandmb50 – This is the layout of who plays who in their trip to the Stanley Cup final.

Montreal Canadiens will go into round two on Thursday night (May 1st) on CBC and will probably play on Saturday as well. The NHL seems to be slow in the playoff schedule but I’ll keep you posted as soon as I find out. Boston have the home advantage so the first two games will be played at the TD Centre which stands for Toronto-Dominion Bank, I’m sure people in Boston don’t know that.

Although Toronto never made the playoffs, now all of Canada is behind our great Montreal Canadiens.

Tonight (Wednesday) should be interesting while three games will be the seventh in the series.





Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada places 3rd, Well done – Men/Women win GOLD in hockey – Don Cherry has lots to say and doesn’t hold back

Canada wins GOLD in Men’s Hockey Sochi Olympics 2014 Made Canada proud.

  • Canada Olympians came through with an excellent showing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in Russia and although Russia was tops in the metal standings, Canada placed a respectable 3rd, just short of Vancouver 2010.

Donald S. Cherry Host of Coaches Corner made the trip to Sochi and had a lot to say but he will not be returning. He thought he would see “Women sweeping the streets with brooms,” but found out the city looked like “Downtown Mississauga, when he got there.”

Don Cherry turned 80 this week didn’t keep him silent – And what did you have to say?




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