It seems this has happened in the past decade and more and more the ‘state’ is telling us what we MUST do. From not drinking soda drinks which may be harmful to you (in New York) to being forced to have a smart phone, so the ‘state’ will know exactly where you are and what you’re doing.

We don’t do it blindly, we do it willingly and people do not know the powers of these devices. We see everyday in courts, they are using phone records, text messages and Facebook postings, to convict people of crimes they say they have not committed, but because their ‘devices’ say they were at a certain point at a certain time, via cell phone, guilty.

Have we become ‘sheeple’ and just do everything the governments tell us we must do, without thinking?

Not only do we have cameras (CCTV) everywhere, that track our every move, we the people allow it, and don’t say anything, “it’s for our security?”

Do they have us brainwashed, well most but not all.

It’s not necessary to post everything you are doing on Facebook, nor carry your cellphone in the on position, everywhere you go, but many think it’s for security and safety but if you stop and think, are there other reasons?

It’s gotten to the point where criminals are video taping themselves committing a crime, and then post it on the internets, and they get caught immediately. What’s that about?

Don’t let yourself fall into these traps, start ‘thinking for yourself.’

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