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NHL Playoffs underway, but who plays who? Here’s the layout – team by team breakdown

@dandmb50 – This is the layout of who plays who in their trip to the Stanley Cup final.

Montreal Canadiens will go into round two on Thursday night (May 1st) on CBC and will probably play on Saturday as well. The NHL seems to be slow in the playoff schedule but I’ll keep you posted as soon as I find out. Boston have the home advantage so the first two games will be played at the TD Centre which stands for Toronto-Dominion Bank, I’m sure people in Boston don’t know that.

Although Toronto never made the playoffs, now all of Canada is behind our great Montreal Canadiens.

Tonight (Wednesday) should be interesting while three games will be the seventh in the series.






Mayor Rob Ford ‘Ford Nation’ this week, very weak indeed, a fail on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE (video below)

Mayor Ford and his clan visited Los Angeles this week where he went to “Promote Toronto” but it clearly failed. Kimmel made him come out looking like a real jerk, which is not difficult for his worship, but he did come across as a good, caring guy, with some personal problems.

Kimmel’s closing remarks were supportive and Mayor Ford should take the advice.

Being an alcoholic is not a laughing matter, nor is it an embarrassing one, it is real, and if he needs help, there is plenty available and his family will lead him in the right direction.

We love that you love Toronto, but please come up with some new slogans, material, it seems all the propaganda you deliver, it is always the same, no matter what show you are on.

One thing really rings true, no matter good or bad publicity, it can be good for the city, and Rob Ford has clearly made Toronto an international city, even though it is an embarrassment to us all.

You can see all four parts HERE or below and follow the links, over million viewers around the world and tons of comments.

He’s so well know around the world now, they don’t even have to say he is the Toronto, Canada Mayor anymore, just Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto and everyone knows where he is from.

Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada places 3rd, Well done – Men/Women win GOLD in hockey – Don Cherry has lots to say and doesn’t hold back

Canada wins GOLD in Men’s Hockey Sochi Olympics 2014 Made Canada proud.

  • Canada Olympians came through with an excellent showing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in Russia and although Russia was tops in the metal standings, Canada placed a respectable 3rd, just short of Vancouver 2010.

Donald S. Cherry Host of Coaches Corner made the trip to Sochi and had a lot to say but he will not be returning. He thought he would see “Women sweeping the streets with brooms,” but found out the city looked like “Downtown Mississauga, when he got there.”

Don Cherry turned 80 this week didn’t keep him silent – And what did you have to say?




American world Juniors classless, Don Cherry on Coaches Corner ‘You have class, then you have that’ referring to the American World juniors not having any class. ‘Class will always sell’ Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on the Sports Junkies radio again in Washington – ‘Women love money’

Rob Ford on CBS Sports Junkies 106.7

Toronto, Canada – Mayor Rob Ford called into the Sports Junkies radio show in Washington, DC on Thursday and said, “Women love money” in reference to what he’s giving his wife for Christmas. “You give ’em a couple thousand bucks and they’re happy.”

This is the second time he’s been on the local CBS radio station and has invited the hosts Eric Bickel and John-Paul Flaim to come and visit Toronto, and spoke about his love for football.

To hear the live radio broadcast CLICK HERE.


Latest UPDATE on Toronto Star, reporter Daniel Dale suit: CLICK HERE

Here is the apology Rob Ford read at City Council this week.

Don Cherry, Coach’s Corner, ‘I believe Women shouldn’t be in male dressing rooms’ Cherry can’t stay away from controversy

The topic came up on Coach’s Corner last night about women reporters in male sports locker-rooms because of a situation last week when defenceman Duncan Keith of the Chicago Black Hawks made a comment to a women reporter in Vancouver. Other male reporters were suggesting that Keith was being sexist towards Team 1040 reporter Karen Thomson just after their lose to the Canucks at Rexall Place.

Don Cherry always has an opinion


As you can see in this tweet, Ron MacLean was not in complete agreement with Cherry. Cherry went on to say, “Equal opportunity, then why aren’t men in women’s dressing rooms?”

To which it came up about the players walking around naked and MacLean didn’t think that would be a good idea for men to be in women’s locker-rooms.

My belief is women shouldn’t even be commentators on male sports broadcasts and yes, I’m in agreement with Cherry. Is that politically correct, no. But it is my belief and they should keep women out of men’s locker rooms, period. There are plenty of women’s sports that need women to cover, and let’s keep them separate.

Was Duncan Keith sexist, not at all. He had just lost a game 3-1, and a women reporter asked if he thought a penalty should be called. All he said was, “We should get you as a ref, maybe, eh?” That does not seem like a sexist remark to me.

Let us know what you think of the controversy?

New Jersey Devils NHL, give me a break, they now have sign language for the singing of National Anthems

I’m all for inclusion, and we have seen it for many years, sign language (ASL) of political speeches, but tonight was a first for me.

‘Signing (ASL)’ the anthems at New Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils have a women performing sign language for the ‘singing’ of the National Anthems.

Is that really necessary, since I thought most people know the words of their National Anthems.

It’s possible the New Jersey Devils received a lot of calls, I mean texts, from the hearing impaired community.

UPDATE: If you missed Don Cherry on Coaches Corner last week, they started off this weeks segment with the kiss on the cheek of points leader of the Leafs, Nasem Kadri in Ottawa. (YouTube below)

Don Cherry of HNIC fameCherry was on his rant again about the touch icing not being addressed in the NHL. This is where one team sends the puck the length of the ice and icing is not called until the receiving team touches the puck.

This causes both players to race to touch the puck first and in many cases can be career ending resulting from these chases into the end boards.

Cherry has always maintained this problem could be resolved if they just blow the whistle when the puck crosses the end goal line, but the NHL thinks the way it is, creates ‘excitement’ in the game, yeah right real excitement.

NHL thinks this is sooo exciting, not fans, except for serious injuries to players

Oh just a footnote, the Leafs beat the Devils, in New Jersey Satiurday night, 2-1.

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Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs finally gets the respect he deserves, second hat-trick this year

It appears that Nazem Kadri has finally made a mark in the NHL and scored his second hat-trick this year, but the previous American management of Ron Wilson and Brian Burke tag team didn’t think he was worthy to play in the NHL. They have both been fired, thank goodness.

Kadri is now Leafs leading point leader

Kadri is currently sitting in sixth place in the NHL behind Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, and there is still about 12 games to go before playoffs.

Go Leafs Go and maybe, just maybe we will see the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade.

Kadri even got the pleasure and endorsement of Don Cherry in the video above, with a kiss on the cheek as he did to Leaf favorite Doug Gilmour many years ago.

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