March 18/2011 – TORONTO – It has been rumored (by an anonymous) Toronto Transit Commission (TTC Inspector) that the new sleek TTC subway cars will not “work on the curves in the tunnels” and there will be a further delay in them coming into service. The turn at Union Station is one of the tightest turns in the whole system and that is where they would start and end, in the beginning.

UPDATE – July 20/2011 – The NEW subway cars finally start running on the University/Yonge line starting tomorrow at 10AM at Downsview station, where you can walk the whole length of the train. Can’t wait. Do they have a GONG?

A source at the TTC Media Relations said “The rumor is not true, the trains are fine, they fit, but of course we test them, until the day we put them into service and beyond, which I believe is going to be this June.”

The new trains were to come into service in late 2010 but have been delayed and now they will be in service in June.

They are very cool, as you can walk the full length of the train without opening any doors.

When they eventually come into service (in late June) they will only be available on the Yonge Street line but will be expanded system wide, after further testing.

To read more about the TTC click HERE        ….  Photo courtesy of  The Toronto Star

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