UPDATE: March 14/2012 – UPDATE: March 14/2012 – The G20 dabacle is not over yet, as another Toronto Police officer has been named for abusing protesters during the G20 Summit in June 2010 in Toronto. An exlusive UPDATE today in the Toronto Star.

UPDATE – November 4/2010 – Nametags, name badges have become an issue as Toronto Police Service (TPS) Chief Bill Blair attended a House of Commons public safety hearing in Ottawa yesterday and announced that 90 TPS officers will receive, Blair said, “It’s still to be determined but the discussion, I believe, is the loss of a day’s pay.” for making an “individual decision” to remove their name badges.
But why are do they even have Velcro on the nametags, why aren’t they sewn on securely so they don’t come off at anytime no matter where they are. They should have been sewn on permanently from the start when they put nametags on the uniforms.

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Today (Saturday July 10/2010) at Queens Park at 2pm. What happened to the name tags on the police officers? (see below)

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Toronto Star article
UPDATE – July 10/2010 – I did attend and it went off without a hitch but the riot squad was standing by at Queen/Spadina (on the side streets) as the protesters sat down for about 20 minutes at the intersection.
I did find an Inspector (Toronto Police Service) at the protest and asked him about why some officers during the G20 had their name tags blackened out. Check out the Toronto Star article regarding “no identification” on some front line officers. Inspector H. Page said “No comment”
I think that was the whole purpose of the protest today, someone must answer these tough questions before we put the G20 to rest. Was this an individual decision by the front line riot squad or were they instructed that they could take off their name tags by those in charge? That is what we want to know at the very minimum. Read more…