UPDATE: Monster, Jerry Sandusky Guilty, ‘They will never believe you’ They ‘believed’ today, will receive up to 442 years in prison

BELLEFONTE, Pennsylvania – Many of the victims (now survivors)  of Jerry Sandusky, 68, were told by him “They will never believe you” as he would sexually abuse young boys at his home and in the shower at Penn State University.

Sandusky who was a respected coach for many years was accused of 52 sexual assaults against young boys from 7-17 years-old over a 14 year period.  It was finally reduced to 48 charges, and he was found guilty of 45 and not guilty of three, yesterday at a Bellefonte, Pennsylvania court.

In a rather quick trial ( two weeks) for such horrific crimes, Sandusky would show up at court with a smile on his face, but left yesterday, not smiling, as he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. The jury reached the verdict in just 21 hours of deliberations.

The makeup of the jury was seven women and five men and many had connections to Penn State, but it didn’t seem to matter.

In total there were 10 victims, but only eight took the stand and the youngest, was just 18 years-old. The abuse continued over a 14 year timeline, and the first accusation was back in 1998 when a mother came forward and accused him of abuse of her son.

Sandusky lawyer Joe AmedeloOnce the verdict was announced, Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola came forward to boos and jeers and tried to explain how his client was railroaded, because he was overruled on many occasions by the judge. Throughout his statement he was heckled and someone came down the court-house steps to tell him he had two minutes left, and the crowd cheered in applause. He plans on appealing, but it doesn’t seem there are any grounds, and highly unlikely any appeals court will overturn this decision by 12 independent jurors.

The states Attorney General Linda Kelly (R) made a campaign statement after the verdict was announced and it seemed to go on forever. She referred to Sandusky as a “serial child predator who committed horrific acts. Now he is being held accountable for his crimes.”
Sandusky was led off in handcuffs and will most likely be in protective custody in State Prison for the rest of his life. He will be sentenced on all charges within 90 days, and yet his lawyer Amendola says he will “APPEAL.”
One of the victim’s mother said, “Nobody wins, we’ve all lost.”
One of the victims, (survivor) said after the verdict, “Thanks God he’s in jail.”
Defense Attorney Joe Amendola’s last words were, “Essentially, the sentence Jerry will receive will be a life sentence,” which drew a huge applause.

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UPDATE: First Interview: Sex abuse scandal at Penn State, Jerry Sandusky arrested and Joe Paterno

UPDATE: January 14/2012 –  Joe Paterno, 85, (JoePa) gives his first interview to the Washington Post about the sex scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.

UPDATE: December 3/2011 – Jerry Sandusky gave a nine minute interview to the New York Times today and can be watched HERE.

We’ve all seen the video, constantly, of him walking with handcuffs on. Why are the handcuffs not behind his back? Is it because he’s such a high profile person?

State College, Pennsylvania – The really sad part about this alleged sexual abuse at Penn State University involving Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno (head football coach) is not just related to Penn State and at many places, everywhere.

Sandusky, 67,  who was a coaches assistant on the football squad was first revealed in 2002 when a graduate assistant, Mike McQuery, 28, allegedly spotted Sandusky in the University locker room shower, raping a 10-11 year old young boy.

McQuery was still coaching the team up until yesterday when the University announced he had been pulled from the next game due to (security concerns for his safety.) JoePa had announced his resignation on Tuesday to finish out the season but on Thursday the Board of Trustees  fired him, and he should have resigned on Tuesday.

McQuery was very shocked when this happened and didn’t know what to do until he went home and talked to his father, which resulted in him reporting it to head coach Joe Paterno. What he told JoePa is not clear since the 84 year old coach would have been in his late 70’s at the time, and he says he reported to his superior and never did any follow-ups.

There appeared to be no oversight from the schools upper management and during the most recent Grand Jury (very graphic details, warning) hearing against Sandusky, he allegedly continued to bring young boys to the school, until the management was made aware of the allegations. Within the last year Sandusky had his privileges of access to the football facilities suspended, and the key was taken away from him.

It appears the school didn’t want any chance of any molestation from taking place on their property, but didn’t care what Sandusky did off the campus of the University.

Excellent article in the Toronto Star today about the situation in State College by writer Damien Cox.

The students protested the firing Wednesday night because they like JoePa, and don’t like the mainstream media. Don’t blame the messenger, JoePa had the chance to report the incident and he chose not to. Does this mean the students think he should NOT have reported these assaults? What are they teaching these kids at Penn State? The real tragedy is it could have been stopped in 2002 but it wasn’t. I’m sure many of those students know today, the whole story, and have changed their minds, and support the victims who are the innocent parties here. Without oversight by those in charge, many young boys could have been molested since 2002, since the University kept silent, and no law enforcement was brought in until 2010.

Allegations against Sandusky started to surface as far back as 1994 and it has so far had nine boys come forward to report these molestations, and as many as another 40 have contacted the University since the story broke this week.

It may be years before these young men will ever get over these tragedies, they experienced and was overlooked by the University. JoePa always said he wanted to “do the right thing,” and sadly he did not. The Board of Trustees had to do the right thing, and it should have been done in 2002. How many young boys were assaulted after they were made aware of this terrible situation. I can understand the young people protesting JoePa’s firing, but don’t understand how they can justify him, not reporting this to the police once he was informed.

Sandusky even went as far as opening a charity youth group in 1977 called The Second Mile which helped disadvantaged youngsters of all ages and it has been reported that he used this as a grooming field to recruit young victims.

The accused Jerry Sandusky has claimed he is innocent and is currently facing over 40 charges, and he is innocent of all charges until proved guilty. His lawyer says he has been convicted in the area of public opinion. This may only be the start of the tragedies that took place since 2002.

This horrible incident will go down as one of the worst sex scandals in all of sports.

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