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Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada places 3rd, Well done – Men/Women win GOLD in hockey – Don Cherry has lots to say and doesn’t hold back

Canada wins GOLD in Men’s Hockey Sochi Olympics 2014 Made Canada proud.

  • Canada Olympians came through with an excellent showing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in Russia and although Russia was tops in the metal standings, Canada placed a respectable 3rd, just short of Vancouver 2010.

Donald S. Cherry Host of Coaches Corner made the trip to Sochi and had a lot to say but he will not be returning. He thought he would see “Women sweeping the streets with brooms,” but found out the city looked like “Downtown Mississauga, when he got there.”

Don Cherry turned 80 this week didn’t keep him silent – And what did you have to say?





PROUD to be Canadian on this great Canada Day, but do we take too much for granted?

Toronto, CANADA – Today was Canada Day all across the country and a day we should all be very proud of at 144 years young. In the past, I have walked by a Federal Court on Canada Day when people from all corners of the world have walked out of a citizenship ceremony and were granted Canadian Citizenship. It’s kinda sounds corny, but I was moved with emotion, as they were as well. They held their papers high, so all could see, and it touched me a great deal.

We are the luckiest people in the world, and many days we don’t recognize it, we are so busy rushing here and there, and taking all we have for granted.

We have free health care (paid through our taxes) we have almost every nation in the world represented in Canada,  and many cultures from all over the world. We have surpassed the recession, we have been hit by floods in some parts of Canada, but we have recovered. We are respected around the world as peacekeepers, and a member of the United Nations. Our dollar is currently worth more than the US, (only a few cents more) but it is never reported on US main stream media.
We have welcoming open arms  to all, from around the world, and if you visit Toronto, you can get any type of meal you have had in your homeland no matter where it is, and most likely it will be cooked by someone who is from that country.

There is no doubt, we have problems, but in the big picture we are very lucky and it touches me every Canada Day when I see the outpouring of pride and love from every Canadian, whether naturally born here, or came to Canada after leaving their homeland. Let’s be thankful, and never forget what we have.

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
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We get the best of both worlds, Olympic TV coverage in Canada.

We are so lucky in Canada we get all the coverage on many different networks. With CTV (Canadian Television Network) they also own TSN (The Sports Network) and are also partnered with Sports Net and then we also get the NBC feed. So if curling (yuk) is on one station we can change to one of the others.

I really love all the coverage that is coming in on all networks but what really annoys me is that NBC  feed, they do not tell the viewer when they are watching a “recorded earlier tape” they show it as if it is live. On CTV they always say if it is “LIVE” or recorder earlier. Why is that? Are they just coning the American viewer and they don’t care?

On the CTV network they have way too many commercials and they are even running free ads that tell us that it is on CTV, we already know that we are watching CTV. The CTV network has complained they are losing revenue because cable companies are “stealing”  their signal and not paying for it but they run free ads congratulating their own network instead of selling advertising. I don’t get it, are they trying to go broke?

I’m looking forward to the Hockey tonight the USA and Canada should be a great game.

Go Canada go……..

Daniel ……. Toronto

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Terrible tragedy at the Vancouver Oympics 2010 man dies opening day.

This is about the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and the terrible death of the young man on the right at the beginning of the Olympics. He was only 21 years old from the Republic of Georgia. He died when he fell off the track during the luge run and hit a steel bar which was unprotected by any kind of foam padding. It is clear that there are still all kinds of steel bars still exposed but the IOC (International Olympic Committee) still give us their “stock” answers that the track is safe. If the track is safe why then did they modify it with an extra wall and protection around some of the steel barriers along the side of the track?

I watched last night the small track speed skating and the broadcasters mentioned that the side of the arena (the boards) is actually a 1-2 foot thick foam padding that is cushioned if an athlete falls into it?

Why is there protection for skaters but not for lugers? Again last night in the two man bobsled race there was an accident but everyone was okay when the bobsled turned over on a curve and I am sure all of the IOC members are holding their breath hoping another tragedy does not occur. It’s shameful that these events do not take safety as the number one thing.

Daniel … Toronto, Canada

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