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Toronto, Canada – A new subway entrance (Midtown Blvd Station) popped up for one day downtown Toronto at Carlton/Parliament and although many thought it was thanks to Mayor Rob Ford, it was not real.

It was a fake station entrance for a new CBS/CW-TV series, Beauty and the Beast being shot in the Old Cabbagetown area and Pinewood Studios in the Portlands.

Massive gridlock on film set with paid duty cops not directing traffic while getting $65 an hour (see below)

It use to be fun having films shot in the city, but it is becoming increasingly annoying as they constantly cause horrendous traffic jams while they are shooting weekdays in the downtown area.

Toronto is still a very popular filming site for Hollywood because the crews and the Canadian Dollar are very attractive to producers. Recently the remake of  Total Recall with Colin Farrell was filmed down on the Lakeshore, and we experienced the same thing, as the roadway was closed for several days while the filming took place.

The Toronto Film Office maintains the film industry brings money to the city, and it does, many local people are used as extras in the production but they tend to demand discounted rates for anything that they buy. Car/truck rentals and hotels used for the actors are given at highly discounted rates, and they don’t buy much food because they have everything catered on site.

Caution: This is not a real subway, there are no steps

While it is still a bit fun to see them filming Hollywood style series and movies in the city, lets try and keep it to the weekends.

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And if you have to hold up traffic while they are filming, keep it to five minutes at the most. While they were filming on Parliament this week, they had 3-4 paid duty police officers, but they barely controlled traffic, as you can see at the Carlton/Parliament intersection. (above)

They would stop traffic for up to 20 minutes with no police directing traffic on the south side of Parliament, rather they were standing on the side of the road chatting and the one officer is even texting/facebooking his friends while on official duty.

Keep in mind the officers are only making $65 an hour for uniformed paid duties, and possibly they make even more on film sets. But rarely do we see them directing traffic at their paid duty locations (film or construction.) The city claims we have no money, and there is too much gravy, and the police received over $2 million last year, just for paid duties.