Toronto, Canada – Mayor Rob Ford of  Toronto is a little upset that a Toronto Star reporter was sneaking around his backyard fence in the early evening and he rushed at him, while he was peeking over the fence, scaring the ‘shit’ out of him.
UPDATE – December 17/13 – Mayor Rob Ford made a ‘kinda’ apology today at City Hall to Daniel Dale.
Another take on the, so called apology by the mayor from DiManno of the Toronto Star.
Latest UPDATE: Toronto Police Service investigated the accusations and decided not to charge Daniel Dale with anything. I still don’t think he did the right thing.
Since Mayor Rob Ford has been elected, the Toronto Star has done nothing short of hounding him, and trying to dig up any dirty stuff they can, because he won the election and they did not approve.
Yes, but the people approved, and we are the ones that elect politicians, not the Star, or any other newspaper.
Since his earlier attacks in the Star, he has stopped talking to Toronto Star reporters, and I find that troublesome, since the mayor should talk to all media outlets, whether he agrees what they have to say or not.
I posted this comment on one of the Star stories, yet it never made it into the paper, maybe because it made too much sense and the Star didn’t agree. But it seems when a ‘scandal’ regarding Rob Ford, the Star leave the comments section open for weeks, but normally they shut them down after one, two days or when the comment numbers get around 100.
It will be interesting to see how long you leave these comments open, because nobody likes what your reporter did.
To say he has won awards, has nothing to do with it.
It’s sleazy, sneaky, and just not right.
I am not even a big Ford supporter, but if anyone does something like this, leave it to the other media, the Star has an agenda, and this makes it even more clear.
What Ford is doing by not talking to the Star is not right, I want our Mayor to talk to all the people, and that means all the media, he is not right either, but what your reporter did, was low and disgusting.
Grow up, both of you. He must talk to all the media and the Star must act professional. What added info could he gather from peeking over Ford’s fence that would relate to the story he is writing?
The comments in the most recent stories about the peeking over the backyard fence by Star reporter Daniel Dale, most of the comments have been behind Ford, and suggest the Star went too far. The reason Dale was sneaking around, is because he ‘says’ he was investigating a plan by the Mayor to buy some land behind his house which is now city parkland. It’s not clear how he (Dale) can prove peeking over the fence, to get the story. UPDATE: Here is a map of the parkland, (click map to enlarge) that Mayor Ford has suggested he wants to buy. But all request by citizens have been declined in the past, to allow citizens to buy city parkland. It’s going to full city council now for a final decision.
But strangely when it is a positive story about Mayor Ford, they shut the comments section down quickly. Does the Toronto Star have an agenda? You bet, they don’t like him and it shows.
This post was originally put up in May 2012 and recently updated with new videos since Rob Ford alledged that Daniel Dale was a ‘pedophile’ in his interview on Vision TV.

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