Toronto, CANADA –  I see these bikes with toddler carriers on the back all over the downtown busy streets and yesterday I saw this one, with two toddler seats attached to the bike. Is it just me, or does this seem a little dangerous for the children? I agree it may be fun for the child with a helmet, but I think this borders on child abuse, to ride around downtown Toronto on the main streets, with a child buckled into one of these seats. The head may be protected but what about the rest of the toddlers body, do they have padding on the child? Do these parents take their child, skydiving with a helmet on, or bungee jumping?
It just does not make any logical sense to me, but maybe I am wrong. I love riding my bike in the city and often go down to the bike trails on the lakefront, but for me, just getting there safely, is my concern. We have bike lanes on some city streets and they recently built one on a major throughway on Jarvis Street about a year ago which cost about $200,000 and now city council has decided to eliminate it, at another $200,000.

What we need in this city is protected bike lanes, where a vehicle can not turn into the bike lanes, since the city is encouraging biking within the downtown core, they must protect the adult riders from vehicular traffic. More and more each week I see these electric bikes, and they are becoming another problem, since there is no license required, no insurance, and very little training. I have seen them riding down sidewalks, without any helmets, because there is no requirement to do so.

What do you think, is this safe for the children in a large busy city to have them riding on the back of their parents bikes?

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