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‘The Interview’ watch full movie now, pulled by Sony Pictures from theatres ‘see below’

UPDATE: December 24/2014 – Just finished watching The Interview and my first impression, it is propaganda movie by/for the US Government. There were a few funny spots, but not anywhere near the best comedy I’ve ever seen. On a 1-10 it might be 4-5.

UPDATE: Sony is so scared about what the hackers have, they even gave in to taking down the YouTube preview, but you can view it HERE.

Simpson HouseNow we know what is expected of us in free speech countries due to the shut-down of one movie in two weeks. Artistic pleasure in the Arts expect that people doing such things, control what they put into a movie and do it discreetly, and with some clear thought.

I heard a good analogy today, we have freedom of speech but we are wise enough to know that we do not go into a full movie theatre (Not the Interview theatre) and yell out ‘FIRE’ this is irresponsible.

And we expect from movie houses, that they are allowed to express artistic artsy fartsy stuff, oh they call it ‘ART’ and use their common sense when making a movie and just think about what they are doing BEFORE they start.

In the end they will probably find some American 13-year-old boy in his Sony Pictured posters on his wall and a bong on the coffee table with all the stacks of hacked emails he just got off his 2GB mini laptop.

This is the newest and quickest way to bring Americans to their knees, if there was only another way of saying it. How very sad America, just when your opinion around the world had just started to improve.


Kiefer Sutherland produced ‘The Confession’ cTV online show really sucks

Toronto, Canada – I found the story The Confession very interesting which is playing ONLY online at CTV.

The layout of viewing the show, sucked big time. I watched chapter 1 and thought it would continue on to 2,3 etc, but it did not.

I was forced to go back to the chapter page, try to remember what number was the next one and then click it and watch this crappy Audi ad over and over after and before each 8 min segment. Couldn’t they have a least had a few different ads?

Are you trying to be like Hulu? Failed.

On Hulu I can watch the whole hour show with 30 sec commercials and also add closed captioning, because much of the  The Confession I could not hear the sound, with the loud talking and the British accent of John Hurt.

It’s a good start, and an interesting way of doing shows, but this was completely annoying the way you have it set-up It would have been better just as an audio cassette.

I like Sutherland, but this was a big disappointment, and a 50 min show took an hour and half to watch.

I suspect most people gave up after a couple of segments, after watching that stupid ad.

Nice try Kiefer, you can do better than that.

I still love your acting.

Maybe I got it wrong, you can check it out  HERE

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