UPDATE: August 21/2012 – Does President Obama’s statement yesterday in the press conference, at the White House support my prediction?

Even the NY Times has suggested that he will move on Syria if leader Bashar al-Assad  uses chemical weapons (WMD) and tries to use them on his people. The only part they left out, will he do it before the election, if he needs it to win the Presidency.

August 12/2012 – In my opinion, President Barack Obama may take his head out of the sand and make the decision to move and help the people’s of Syria, before the election. His absence of help seems to be clear and yet he does not want to get involved, but it seems to me he is waiting for the right time, when he needs the support from voters.

We all realize that Russia and Libya are friendly, and that may be holding him back, but the election is far more important to him, to overlook the tragedies that are happening in Syria.

It’s a big move and the right one, someone has to help Syria, and who better than the United States of America. At this point in the election (less than three months) timing is everything.

On the issue of gun restrictions, there is no answer or comment from either the President or Mitt Romney and one of them must decide to do the right thing and condemn the automatic weapons, 100-bullet magazines, and take an honest stand on gun restrictions.

Who’s in charge, the Office of the President or the National Rifle Association (NRA?)

Every American has the right to bare arms, but not the type of automatic weapons that have killed so many in the last few months, I can’t think there is anyone who disagrees with that.

The Syria situation is a real embarrassment to the world, and why has no-one come forward to help the children, women and almost 100,000 people have been innocently killed in the last year.

United States is the last hope for the Syrian people, and Obama must help, and I suspect he will, just before the election because he must know he needs something big,  to get the voters clearly back on his side.

Just do the right thing.

And when is President Obama going to announce his vice-president running mate?

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