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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – Ashleigh Banfield does an excellent interview with eyewitness of killing

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Ashleigh Banfield filled in for an interview with one of the eyewitnesses (in silhouette) of the Trayvon Martin killing.

Here are some snippets (quotes) from the interview, which contradict what she says from one sentence to the next. You can view the full interview HERE for yourself. The eyewitness even has her own lawyer, and still no one has been arrested for the killing.

“Two men on the ground and something really horrible is happening,” but she calls Trayvon a boy in earlier statements.

“I was looking at the two men on the ground and heard the gunshot”

One thing I found strange was the eyewitness said that the larger man got up off the other one, when they were tussling around on the ground and walked away after the gunshot. From what I know, Trayvon was the bigger man, over six feet tall.

“I will just say a couple of seconds later the larger man was walking closer to where I could see him.”

I’m no big fan of Ashleigh Banfield since she has been on CNN’s Early Start every morning for the past few months. Although she did a good interview last night, but I’m wondering if those were her questions.

It seems as long as she sticks to the script, she does just fine.

UPDATE: Oops, she did blow it, Banfield called the “larger man” Hispanic, which the eyewitness did not say, she injected that in herself. Check it out HERE.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – Retribution for killing Trayvon, blacks attack whites in Virginia, and local news ‘try’ to cover it up

Norfolk, Virginia – Is there a coverup at the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, as two of their off-duty reporters (Marjon Rostami, Dave Foster) may have been caught up in a racially motivated beating, surrounded by five young black youths throwing a brick through their car window.

The beating was so bad that the reporters were off work for a week while they recovered, and have now taken a leave of absence due to death threats against them, and they are in fear.

When the crime occurred two weeks ago last Saturday, the Editor, Denis Finley of the Virginian-Pilot, felt it was not news, therefore did not cover it in their newspaper. I think he is having second thoughts now, that this has gained National and International attention.

UPDATEKerry Dougherty of  The Virginian-Pilot tried real hard to apologize to no avail,  “We made a mistake, That’s all it took for those who detest the “liberal mainstream media” to work themselves into a lather. They assumed that political correctness caused The Pilot to engage in a cover-up of an explosive, race-based crime in Norfolk.”

You can read the whole Op-Ed  CLICK HERE

FURTHER UPDATE: Not only did the Pilot not do their job,  it appears the police did not either. Now the local police have a search warrant for twitter accounts to get more inormation. Can’t the police do what they should be doing, ‘Police work?’ Everyone in your area, seems to be covering things up and not doing their jobs, I’m sorry for the residents in your area.

Should skin color of people being assaulted, determine whether it is news or not? According to Editor Finley, “it was just a minor street fight.” And how long has he been in news reporting? Finley indicated he did not ‘know’ what happened, but then isn’t that what newspapers find out, the facts, they seek out the facts and the story no matter what is the skin color of the assailants or victims.

He blew it, Finley could have stood tall and said he did the right thing, and wasn’t pressured to hide the story, but he took the easy way out. Like they say, it’s not about lying, it’s about the ‘coverup.’ We Hope Editor Finley knows that now, he may have some time to think about it if they get rid of him now, he’s NOT covering important news.

Here’s the memo-editorial Denis Finley wrote trying to explain his misgivings, CLICK HERE.

Another take on the “story” in his own paper, and it was revealed, finally in an Op-Ed CLICK HERE.

Big question, why is Fox News covering this terrible assault, and yet it appears none of the main stream media have said a word about it? If the roles had been reversed, and it was a gang of white people throwing a brick through the window of a black couple, would this have been newsworthy? Bernie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly ponder the dilemma.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – Sanford Police Chief Bruce Lee steps down, now won’t accept his resignation (firing?)

Sanford, Florida – Sanford City Council has now reversed their previous decision of “no confidence” in the case of Police Chief Bill Lee who stepped down a month ago after the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was not arrested on February 26/2012.

Zimmerman was since granted bond on Friday and walked free on bail of $150,000 on Sunday night, with GPS tracking and his whereabouts are unknown, but he may be permitted to live outside the State of Florida for security reasons.

The City Council met Monday night and voted 3-2 not to accept is resignation after he had stepped down due to the handling of the Martin case. But it appears now that maybe, I say maybe they did make the correct decision, based on the bail hearing last Friday.

The lead investigator who took the stand Friday said that he had no idea who threw the first punch, or who chased who, to cause the deadly outcome. Zimmerman has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ and has waived attending the indictment. His lawyer Mark O’Mara has said this is quite common, especially in murder cases where the defendant does not appear at his indictment hearing, and can post a plea without personally attending.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman released from Florida jail on $150,000 bond at midnight Sunday

Seminole County, Florida –  George Zimmerman walked out of jail at midnight a free man on $150,000 bond and for safety reasons his location is unknown.

He is charged with 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin back on February 26/2012, he has claimed he is innocent and using the ‘Stand your ground’ law in Florida, which he says his life was in danger, and he feared for his life.

He walked through the normal release door at the jail, and left in a normal car with an unknown man carrying his belongings. The media who were camped out in front of the door, were checked for credentials before his release and there is concern for his safety, since he was wearing a bullet proof vest for his protection.

He is required to wear a GPS tracking device, must report to police every three days, curfew from 7p.m.-6a.m., and have no contact with the Martin family. He is also not allowed to have access to alcohol or firearms, and has requested to live outside the State of Florida due to safety concerns.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – Zimmerman bond hearing, $150,000 bail granted with GPS monitoring – Only $15,000 cash required

Sanford, Florida – Judge Kenneth Lester Jr has granted $150,000 bond to George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin. He will be required to wear GPS monitoring, and may be allowed to reside outside the State of Florida.

George Zimmerman was involved in an incident almost two months ago when he was a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain and followed Trayvon Martin who he determined was “suspicious.” It turned out he happened to be a black male wearing a hoodie, heading home from the store unarmed. Zimmerman was armed and somehow a confrontation ensued and Trayvon was shot dead.

Zimmerman will have several restrictions if he is able to make the bond, GPS monitoring, he must report to authorities every three days, no contact with the Martin family, no possession of firearms and no use of controlled substances other than prescribed medication.

The affidavit presented by the state was the determining factor since it is unknown who actually started the fight that lead to Martin’s death. Testimony was revealed in the bond hearing the gunshot that killed Trayvon Martin was at close range. The affidavit indicated that Zimmerman “followed” Martin after he was told by 911 operators not to do so, but it was unclear in the court today how the investigator came to that conclusion.

The state had requested a bond of $1 million and his lawyer Mark O’Mara also requested that his client be allowed to reside outside of the State of Florida, for his own security. Zimmerman’s passport has been turned over to the police, and he must not have any contact with the Martin family.

It will be a few days before Zimmerman is allowed to leave the jail, if the bond it met.

George Zimmerman took the stand today at his bond hearing, and right off the top he said, “I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son, I did not know how old he was, I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not.”

The reason he never apologized earlier, he said “is because I was advised by my lawyers not to respond.” Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump countered with, “It was a self-serving apology in order to get bail, nine days after his arrest.”

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin murder trial – George Zimmerman makes first court appearance

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – There seems to be a sense from the prosecution affidavit that George Zimmerman is guilty, and yet all evidence has not been disclosed. In the affidavit summary that was released yesterday, (that was written by investigators) they said Zimmerman was ‘following’ Trayvon after the police dispatcher told him not to do so, to which he replied, “OK.”

Even the Special Prosecutor’s Statement from Angela B. Cory, had the feel that she was seeking justice for Trayvon, when I have always understood the prosecutor is there to search for justice, whether it is for the defendant or the victim.

The fact that Zimmerman was following Trayvon after the police told him not to, is a serious point of contention, and should be dealt with in court. I’m no lawyer, but I’m not sure if the affidavit is considered evidence in a court of law, and by saying “Zimmerman was following Trayvon after being told not to,” is a very important fact in my mind.

The affidavit actually says “When the police dispatcher realized Zimmerman was pursuing Martin, he instructed Zimmerman not to do that and that the responding officer would meet him. Zimmerman disregarded the police dispatcher and continued to follow Martin who was trying to return to his home.” That is evidence for court, not evidence here, who says Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon, because Zimmerman is saying he did not?

The Prosecution and many others have said they don’t want this case to be tried in the media, but then they put out into the public information like this that appears to defend Trayvon’s position.

His first appearance today was just to plead not guilty, and is being held in protective custody. The next step may be a hearing before a judge to address  his bond and then a judge will rule on his ‘Stand your Ground’ defence. If the judge gives him immunity for that, basically it will not go to trial.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin murder – George Zimmerman is in custody and charged with 2nd degree murder

Sanford, Florida – It’s been 45 days since Trayvon Martin, a 17 year-old young man was killed by George Zimmerman, arrested then released, and has now been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

The Florida Special prosecutor Angela Corey made the announcement today and answered questions but would not give any further information about Zimmerman’s whereabouts or any evidence that brought her to this conclusion. She was appointed by the Governor Rick Scott of Florida  to investigate this alleged murder about three weeks ago, and she is prepared to protect the citizens of Florida, and if convicted, Zimmerman could get life in prison.

Corey would not answer any questions about the “Stand your ground” law and how this would affect the charges against Zimmerman since he is claiming he was only protecting himself against deadly force.

It appears that the “Stand your ground” law can be applied at his first court appearance, and it will be up to the judge to give him immunity prior to going to trial, but that is highly unlikely. His first appearance will be April 12th for bond.

After the announcement Reverend Al Sharpton met with the family and said, “We don’t want anybody high fiving tonight, there’s no victory here, there’s no winners here, they’ve lost their son. This is not about gloating, this is about pursuing justice.

Above all else (and no matter what the outcome of  the alleged murder) this tragedy has brought out some real heroes, Sybrina and Tracy Martin who are loving, decent, mourning and classy parents of  Trayvon. While the main stream media keeps making this a ratings grab, (making all kinds of mistakes with information and then apologizing) all that Sybrina and Tracy wanted from the beginning was ‘Justice” and wanted Zimmerman arrested for killing their son.

They have consistently acted in a professional manner, and kept their cool, and instructed others to do the same. These are real classy people and representative of many in the USA, and should continue to speak for those that have been unjustly murdered.

In tragedy the cream comes to the top and Sybrina and Tracey Martin have risen to the top, and acted and represented their son in the best light. Our sympathy and hearts are with them.

What’s the next step?

Zimmerman will appear before a court and request a bond, which is unlikely. He will then be asked to take a plea, and his new lawyer announced today, Marc O’Mara will proceed to another hearing in the future. At some point down the line, a judge will decide if Zimmerman has immunity because of his claim of using the “Stand your ground” defence.

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UPDATE: Trayvon Martin killer – George Zimmerman lawyers resign, claim client is suffering from ‘PTSD’

Sanford, Florida – In a shocking move this afternoon the George Zimmerman legal team held a 45 minute press conference and announced they are no longer the lawyers for the killer of Trayvon Martin.

They suggested that Zimmerman was “suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” which means he may have been suffering from some medical illness after the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“We’ve had contact everyday” until just recently, and do not know where Zimmerman is located.

Hal Uhrig of George Zimmerman’s legal team said today, “George Zimmerman in our opinion and information made available to us, is not doing well emotionally, probably suffering from Post-traumatic stress syndrome, we understand from others, he may have lost a lot of weight.”

He went on to say, “We’re professionals and have ethical requirements.”

I’m no lawyer, not even one who plays a lawyer on TV, but that astounded me today. That any lawyer would divulge privileged information from a client or suggest that his client has any medical conditions. Further, how can a lawyer tell anyone when resigning, that their client is or is not in the State of Florida, or even in the USA.

There seem to be many inconsistencies, lawyer Uhrig says, “On Sunday he (Zimmerman) went quiet and dark if you will, we found out on Monday he set up a website on his own without conferring with us, couldn’t get hold of him, and then yesterday with the additional developments after talking to the prosecutor this morning, we learned he had communicated directly with both another national news network (Sean Hannity/Fox News) and the prosecutor’s office, contrary to our advice.”

“With us unable to get any kind of contact with him at the phone he was using to talk to them, we couldn’t go out in the public and say we still represent him, without getting him to come out and confirm it and talk with us.”

In the next sentence Uhrig goes on to say, “In fact the father (Zimmerman) went to the bank with Mr. Sonner to set up the bank account which the website we put up for his benefit.”

Co-counsel Craig Sonner shied away from suggesting Zimmerman suffered from PTSD, and said it is just “speculation,” but went on to say, “I had lined up a website designer to do it and we setup a bank account.”

The personal website and bank account is so he can raise funds for living expenses and lawyer fees, which it appears he doesn’t have any lawyers any longer. It was reported recently that he had one donation of $10,000.

Although it is not even clear if George Zimmerman had signed an agreement with the lawyers Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner. Sonner even admitted today, he has not even met Zimmerman in person, they have had all their communications through the phone, texting and e-mail.

The Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey announced at about 8:30 tonight, she would be holding a press conference about her investigation of the Trayvon killing within the next 72 hours.


No matter what the special prosecutor decides within the next two days, Zimmerman may have got wind of it, and he has decided to get out of Florida, and far, far away. But how does the prosecution benefit from that?

It looks quite obvious to me, no matter what decision Special States Attorney Angela Corey makes, it’s a disaster for the black community. If she doesn’t charge him due to the “stand your ground” law there will be outrage. If she charges him, he will likely be dismissed because of the “stand your ground” law and all Hell will break loose.

By him disappearing, leaving Florida, he has solved all problems for the government, and how will the community react, now?

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