Nutley, New Jersey –   Yes, it’s true, it’s a real place and Patricia Krentcil “Tanning Mom” lives there. She was accused of allowing her daughter (fair skinned/red hair, blue eyes,  5-yr-old) to come into the tanning booth with her.

It appears she may not have come into the booth, but in any case the mother has some problems. She has a monthly membership for the tanning salon in New Jersey, which has since been terminated, and she pays $100 per month, for as many sessions as she wants at 12 minute intervals.

She doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, and denies ever bring her 5-yr-old into the actual tanning booth, but does say she comes with her sometimes.

You be the judge, is this child at risk? Even after this was made public, the next day on ABC she even looked more orange than the day before.

UPDATE:  Just released and now available, ‘Tan Mom’ action figure only $29.95 plus shipping and handling, and you can remind yourself not to overdue it.

And they’re going fast so don’t miss out on all the fun, great for parties, but not for children. We just knew it was coming, right?


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