New police car hits streets of Toronto

Colin Farrell

Toronto, Canada –  Colin Farrell   has been in town most of the summer and they are filming the newest remake of Sci-Fy thriller Total Recall,   (IMDB is your best place for any movie or TV info) mostly at the Toronto Film Studio in downtown, but yesterday and today, they actually closed one of the highways coming into the downtown core. For the rest of Tuesday, they had the Lakeshore Blvd. closed between Parliament and Jarvis Streets.

In a story today in the Toronto Star   they talk about some of the outrage at closing a major highway into the city. Things are better today, it seems they are off the Gardner Expressway but Lakeshore is still closed until 9pm tonight.
This is a remake of the Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990 and stars Farrell,  Ethan Hawke,   Jessica Biel and  Kate Beckinsale,   pictured here in

the Federal Police car. Also in a prominent role is Bryan Cranston, the crystal meth chemist from Breaking Bad on AMC, an excellent TV series.

If you look closely, on each side of the watermark (DMB) you can see the Driver/operator that sit under the mocked up Chrysler Federal Police car and do the driving and swiveling of the futuristic car, it’s not real. Later when they do the editing they will take out the bottom part of the car, I think. If you are interested in seeing all my pictures from the film shoot, they can be viewed in a larger format,  just   CLICK HERE.

This movie brings money to Toronto. That’s non-sense, they bring nothing to the city but headaches, it was fun in the beginning.

They park constantly on NO PARKING rush hour streets, they don’t buy food, they have free food on the site, they force most companies to give them almost free rental vehicles, they annoy the hell out of Toronto drivers, Richmond St is closed two lanes during rush hours, it goes on and on. They force us to stop walking by, instead of waiting, and shooting again.

They think they “OWN” our streets, especially “Flashpoint”  it looks cool but, too much is too much. These are OUR roads, build a road, and film it in YOUR studios. How does this make US money, non-sense, and it’s not Colin Farrell’s fault.

The young kids they have controlling the people who walk around or near the set, are not trained properly on how to treat people (citizens) in a polite, respectful manner. It has been reported that the film crew wanted to shut down Lakeshore Blvd. for 10 consecutive days, which was wisely, dismissed by the Toronto Film and Telivision Office, (TFTO.)

We all remember this from the 1990 Total Recall

To see all my pictures of the Total Recall film set and much larger view, CLICK HERE

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