John needs help, can we help him?

Toronto, Canada – There are all kinds of young people who are abusing the system for themselves, but people such as this older man (let’s call him John) need our help, and I believe he truly does. Canada is a rich nation and we must not ignore people such as John. If you look closely through the homelessness, John appears to be an interesting old man. But is he old, or just worn down from his struggle in Toronto?

I made an attempt to speak with John, but it appeared he had some mental illness concerns, and in Canada the government cannot force someone to take care, unless they agree to it. Instead of forcing people such as John to be admitted to a place where he can be cared for, he wanders the streets, looking for anything he can find.

Many years ago the Ontario Government emptied the mental institutions to save money and this sadly, has been the result. I’m no Doctor, but I can recognize that John is definitely in need of special care. We see it all over downtown, and people panhandling and if you don’t hand over any spare change they ask for a smoke.

John asked for nothing, that is the true sign of someone that is truly in NEED.

Yet everyday I see the same from young people in their 20’s asking for spare change and they look and sound perfectly, physically and mentally sound. It’s my opinion that many of these young people are smart and know exactly how to work the system. One young person told me “Toronto is the only place people on welfare are fat,”   however John is not one of them.

Most regular people are concerned what cell plan they are going to switch to, or what APP they need for their cellphone, and worried about how well their air conditioner is working.
John has none of those concerns, all he is worried about is how tonight will be, can he scrounge up enough to buy a ham sandwich or a bottle of water.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many agencies that do wonderful work and go around during the night and offer sandwiches and drinks to people that need it, but John likely will not approach them, because he may have some mental problems and will stay away from anyone offering assistance, and do it on his own. Well it seems John is not making a good go of it, and he does need some special care for his own well being, even though he may not know it, but what should we all do?

We shall say a prayer for John tonight, you will always be in our thoughts ….

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