Mothers know best and when it came to sending them to school, she knew it would be hard to identify her four identical six-year-old boys on the first day she had to do something.

Living in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong province, she decided to number each one by cutting their hair so they would be easily identified using numbers.

Chinese translation – 中文翻译

The boys, named Jiang Yunlong, Jiang Yunxiao, Jiang Yunhan and Jiang Yunlin, are so alike that their parents even struggle to tell the difference.

‘My sons are identical, even to me,’ the boys’ mother Tan Chaoyun told local media. She added,  “Even now, their father can’t tell which one is which.  Sometimes, he punishes the second one for something the third one has done.”

It should be an interesting day at school, and now they can’t blame things on each other.

Just how long will they have the numbers? Or is this the mandatory procedure enforced by the government to all multiples?

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