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Bell’s FibeTV/Internet allows 25GB of usage (bandwidth) USA Comcast and others offer 250GB per month?

South of the Border, USA – It was just announced by Comcast in the United States, they are reducing the amount of bandwidth (what is bandwidth) allowed to their customers for uploading/downloading on the internet.

When you sign up for internet, or a TV package you are allowed a certain amount of bandwidth for your internet searches and watching videos, playing games etc.

It seems USA internet/TV carriers offer around 300GB of downloads/uploads per month and we get a measly 25GB per month with FibeTV. It’s not even close, and if they go over the 250GB it’s an extra $10 per 50GB when you go over the limit, with Comcast.

Bell FibeTV offers larger packages, but they cost more, but 25GB (standard) compared to 250GB is a big difference, is Bell just ripping us off, bigtime?

Just to give you an idea, if you were to watch a full movie online, that counts towards your monthly limit in Canada, it would be about 2-3GB per movie.

Bell FibeTV have recently been adding special features to their TV side of the packages, like Facebook, twitter and other apps. They do say you are charged bandwidth, towards your monthly limit,  when you use them, but it seems very sneaky. Do people really pay attention to those warning, do your kids?

This bandwidth thingy is just a cash cow for Bell and the other providers and probably doesn’t cost them anything, it’s just a way for them to generate revenue since hardly anyone has phone service with them anymore.

How is it that carriers in the USA get 300GB per month and we sit back and take getting 25GB per month and say nothing?

Be sure to ask any carrier in Canada, how much bandwidth they allow with your package for internet and TV. Don’t get ripped off, shop around and ask the tough questions.

Do you remember when Verizon in the USA tried to put controls on the talk time on ‘unlimited‘ cell calling, there was a huge uproar from their customers and they changed their minds.

Now carriers for cell service in the USA are calling their packages ‘truly unlimited’  if you can believe it. It’s just plain stupid, it’s like calling a parking space ‘reserved’ and then near the doors they have other spots that say, ‘strictly reserved.’

Unlimited is unlimited, and reserved is reserved.

And if we sit back and take it they will squeeze every nickel they can get out of us unless we stand up and say, we aren’t going to take it anymore.

A Canadian carrier called TekSavvy offers truly unlimited internet but if you have Bell FibeTV you cannot get just the TV connection, you must buy it with their internet as well. Although Bell FibeTV does allow you to cancel the phone in the package.

Well I’m sure the little old lady in rural Northern Ontario still has a phone that’s she is still paying a monthly fee of $6.95 rental on her Bell phone for the past 40 years and no-one told her she can buy one.

Be sure to read my other reports about Bell FibeTV and the problems we incurred from day one, and shop around and ask the tough questions before you sign up.

Many would ask, “If you don’t like it why have you stayed with Bell FibeTV for almost two years,” true, but it is one of the best services I have ever seen, when it is working properly.

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Ahh yes, the deadly rip-off charging for ‘touch tone phone service’ on Bell home phones, it never ends, well maybe it will

Toronto, Canada – Let’s face it, Bell Canada and others, charge these extra fees as a way to generate revenue, if people are shy, and don’t bother to scrutinize their bills they get over charged. They prey on us, with all these small charges, and hope we won’t find out, and trust them. Trust them? I haven’t trusted Bell for 40 years, with all the “stock answers”  I get from them, even in the last few months.
A story in the Toronto Star  today uncovered that the fee for touch tone may be withdrawn.

They said they were going to switch me to online billing, “to save the environment” what a crock, it’s to save them from doing any work and increase their profits. Plain and simple.

I’ve said it many times before, there is ‘little old ladies’ in Northern Ontario still paying for the rental (about $4-5) per month of a phone that may not have touch tone, and yet Bell Canada still charges them rental fees. Sure they could go to Radio Shack and buy a phone, but how would they know? They have probably paid over $2,000 for this Bell Canada equipment and Bell will service it, if there are having any problems. And how many times have there been problems, in 40 years, maybe once or twice, if at all.

In the last ten years or so, Bell Canada has clearly lost their monopoly on home phone service and when Rogers Home Phone came on-line, everyone tought it might be better. But as recent revelations have confirmed, Bell and Rogers are in bead together, well at least in the ownership of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is being reviewed by the Competition Bureau of Canada.

Others have also jumped onto the VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) system which allows consumers to use a home phone through their internet connection.

Companies such as, Primus, Vonage, Ooma Inc and Comwave, have been around for years and are cutting into Bell’s former monopoly and they (Bell) are just fighting back. A new player on the block is Magic Jack who offer phone service anywhere in North America for $20 a year, I said a YEAR not a month. Sure it’s not reliable always and a little scratchy at times, but for a second long distance line it is great. You will need a fast internet connection for best performance.

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UPDATE: Bell Canada, Bell FibeTV – Here we go again, another hidden secret money grab from users, $2 to get bill via mail

Toronto, Canada – (and anywhere else Bell offers services)
Nice try Bell, trying to ‘Sugar and spice’ this money grab on the heels of suggesting charging $2 to have your bill delivered by mail, to be to our benefit, hogwash. Just tell us the truth, it’s a revenue booster for the company.

How can any company charge anyone anything, without sending them a bill? Do I get a $2 credit everytime Bell sends me an unsolicited email, promoting something they want to sell to me?

BCE (Bell Enterprises,) is not starving, yet they are just getting greedy, and gouging.

As Bell’s attempt to rip us off even further they have proposed, not proposed demanded, that they will start charging us (which is NOT true, they have been charging $2 all along but NOT disclosing) to have our bill sent to us by Canada Post mail.

As part of our ongoing effort to be environmentally friendly and to improve the level of billing information you have access to, we are pleased to let you know that as of June 2012, Bell is moving to e-bill as our standard method of delivering invoices to our Bell Internet clients. And while you are currently receiving both e-bill and paper bills, we would like to invite you to choose e-bill only.
Remember, with e-bill, you can continue to enjoy benefits like:
• Reducing paper bill clutter – and your environmental footprint
• Accessing your bills and account information online anytime, 24/7
• Viewing your current bills as soon as they are ready – we’ll even notify you every month
• Receiving more billing detail as systems are upgraded

It’s a shameless attempt to institute negative option billing which is not only fair, it is against government regulations. And yet Bell just ignores the Government Regulations, and try to slip this through.

Let me just ask this question that has been bothering me about Bell for 40 years. I believe there is some elderly senior citizen in Northern Ontario (and elsewhere) still paying for their original Bell phone, a fee every month for rental. Bell would say, they have the option of buying a phone, but do they inform these little old ladies, about that, or just keep taking the $2.65 rental fee for a 1950 phone which to date they may have paid over $2000?

Is Bell going to start charging us extra for their employees pension funds, gas in their trucks, infrastructure? Those are charges associated with running a business, don’t pass on those charges to customers.

Bell’s email is not even accurate, it says you have 24/7 access to your online account. NOT. Try accessing your account around midnight any day and you get a message they are updating. Just be HONEST with the public, and stop giving us the runaround and ‘stock answers.’

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,     丹尼尔     دانيال … تورنتو، كندا،
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Bell FibeTV Review – ALERT to subscribers, are you having problems with recording features, don’t let it pass, call Bell and complain

Toronto, Canada – Bell Canada FibeTV/Intermnet service launched last year in the Toronto area and it has been nothing but ongoing problems since we signed up in November 2010. (Why did we continue if it does not work well/properly?) When it is working properly, it is one of the best TV services in the industry, but I must emphasize, “When it’s working properly.”

A problem I was having in December 2011 which I reported to Bell FibeTV, my calls went on without any corrections or resolutions. Let me try to explain what the recording problem is, and how it affects your recorded shows.

You are allowed to record four shows at once on your PVR box, but they will always fail to mention, that you are only allowed to record only 2-3 HD (high-definition) channels and one SD (Standard TV channel) that’s not the issue. This problem does not occur on every recorded show, but may happen 3-4 times a month. Once you record a one hour show and then go to view it, at the bottom of the screen it should say 1:00, meaning you just recorded a one hour show and are about to watch it.

What we have experienced since last December (which we reported) is the one hour show in question, has a reading of 0:01 at the bottom of the 1 hour show. When you start to play the show everything is normal, it plays, you can pause it, and fast forward in the normal way. Problem comes when you are watching a recorded show with the marker at the bottom right that says “0:01.”  You can watch it for about 30-40 minutes normally and then you try to fast forward again, and the PVR loops back, about 3-4 minutes and this continues. Most times we get frustrated and don’t bother calling, because it can take from one to two hours to get any answers on the phone from tech services, which usually gets then to say, just reboot, restore the system, deleting all your features.

Tip, pointer, if you experience this problem, it may be overcome by NOT fast forwarding, and just let it play out, and in most cases it will allow you to watch to the end.
This is NOT acceptable, one techy told me last year, “You can’t expect it to work 100%,” but they want us to pay 100%?  Does that sound fair?

In the last few weeks we have experienced this about four times and just the last two days it happened after I recorded two Maple Leafs hockey, and twice in two days, is not reasonable. I called and spoke to three different tech people for two hours. The first one told me, “I never heard of that before, personally” suggesting I’m making it up, or I’m the only one in Canada having this problem. Although he failed, to want to check further and his suggestion was, to completely restore the PVR box to factory settings, losing all my recordings. After I finally insisted that the problem escalated to a higher tech rep, which he resisted, he did put me through to a supervisor who suggested I do a “Soft DRA” which resets the box without losing my recordings. I’m the customer, we expect a resolution, not Stock answers,”  and always thought a complete restore to the factory settings, was the LAST resort. But not with Bell FibeTV.

Bell FibeTV/Internet   subscribers, be insistent, get the ticket number and the tech’s name and don’t let them get away with this unacceptable customer service, call and complain, and maybe they will FIX these ongoing problems. Failing that, there are lots of option out there, and we get the impression, Bell does not care anymore, “if you don’t like it, go elsewhere,”  that’s the impression I got, they want to close the ticket.
By all means if you call and complain, be sure to get the name and ticket number. Good luck.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada
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UPDATE: Bell FibeTV internet review ‘deceptive or withholding’ prices, apps, bandwidth, throttling

February 13/2012 – Toronto, Canada – You can clearly see by the video, that Bell FibeTV offers many new features, how wonderful. They tell you this, but they don’t tell you everything, they leave out the part where it will cost you extra money. Yes, by the end of the month if you have your twitter, or facebook feed on the TV constantly, that go towards your allowed bandwidth for the month.


This is something that is held very close to the vest, and it is unlikely you will be told anything about this if/when you sign up for Bell FibeTV. The smallest allowed with any package, appears to be 25 GB and what that means is the amount of uploads/downloads you make on your computers in the house. An example would be if you downloaded a movie from Netflix, that would be almost 1 GB of data for your total computer usage for the month. Once you go over that 25GB you get charged extra. And that counts towards anything you watch online from YouTube videos or any ads that pop up on your screen while you are surfing, it all counts towards your bandwidth. But does Bell FibeTV tell you all about that?   NO.

Are the big guys ripping us off, if we allow this, it will continue unless people step up and say,  NO …

An article in The Toronto Star recently explains what the big guys are doing to our internet access.

“Net Neutrality is the governing principle of the Internet that requires that Internet service providers not discriminate including speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination. Net neutrality protects our ability to direct our own online activities. With net neutrality in place, a network’s job is to move data in a non-discriminatory manner, based on what people want.” If we allow this to continue, we will be sitting in the slow lane, and only those that pay extra, will be allowed in the passing/fast  lane. That’s what they call bandwidth throttling.

These apps that Bell FibeTV is pushing, increase their income without explaining it to us, although they do mention it very briefly when you activate, but who reads that stuff.

The deceptions started the first day when they were in our lobby, showing  their Bell FibeTV, was a channel they were promoting. It was HD Net and one of my favourite shows, Prison Break, I was ready to sign up immediately. But no, HD Net was not available, on Bell FibeTV. After I asked some tough questions, which they hesitated to answer, they told me, “Yes, you can record four (4) shows at once,” not mentioning that I can ONLY record 2 High Definition (HD) and 2 Standard (SD) at once, however after complaints, they have upped that to 3 HD and 1 SD. (Although that may not be available everywhere, and there could be an embargo on the extra recording channel.

It’s happening in the USA too, on phones, CLICK HERE to see video.

I just watched a Bell FibeTV advertisement last week, and they are still continuing the “sham” they still say on the ad, “you can record 4 programs at once.” Why are the hiding this information? Why not tell us everything?

The ads Bell FibeTV are running also say the packages start at around $30, I’m not sure what ‘PACKAGE’ that gives you, but we pay $150 per month, even with all our problems.

They did the same thing at the sales pitch, “You can pause live TV” but failed to mention, only on one receiver. But now, they do allow ‘pause live TV’ on all receivers, after consumer complaints.

You must decide for yourself, but do the research, and when you call, be sure to get the name of the person you talked to, and write it down. Because Bell is famous for saying, “who told you that?” and we always get so many different answers.

But when Bell FibeTV is working properly, it is one of the best systems in the market, but be cautious when you call because they are famous for giving, “stock answers.”

To read more about our experiences since November 2010, CLICK HERE, we are still waiting for our credits for poor service, which we have not received.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada
My take on everything

UPDATE/Review – Bell FibeTV problems, but great quality when – if it’s working

Toronto, Canada – Bell FibeTV/internet is excellent (when it’s working properly) but unfortunately, it is not always working properly.

Latest problem we have noticed within the last few months, and we have been a subscriber since November 2010. Closed captioning (CC,) when do you turn it on/off?

Let me update, since November 2010 we have had a problem with pixillating and sound outs, so because of that we had to activate the closed captioning. That’s a problem and tiresome process since it takes almost 10 actions to activate/deactivate closed captioning, no shortcuts, WHY?

We noticed many times that the CC seemed garbled, and couldn’t figure it out until about a month ago. When you go into menu for CC, you have options of turning on/off either standard TV (STD) or HD and if you have both activated sometimes the CC is garbled, or vice-versa. We have figured out how to get it right, but to try and explain it, is a real chore.

We mentioned it to Bell FibeTV about a month ago and still waiting for an answer.
They are great at taking the report but bad at following up or fixing the problem, and yet they have a big advertising campaign on right now in the Toronto
area and GTA to get even more subscribers online.
Some tips to remember, if you call to complain about any service be sure to get a name, and a ticket number, and I recommend you ask them their name at the beginning of your call.
The “STOCK ANSWERS”  they give are the best in any industry, but don’t accept, just “re-boot your box,” but if you do, keep them on the phone while you do it. Sometimes it does work, but for problems like CC, it does nothing, trust us. They will then start with the “let’s change you box,” but our experience has shown that does nothing either.
These appear to be software problems, and that entails a lot of work, and it seems they rather suggest other solutions, in our opinion.
But in full disclosure,  if you can tough it out, the system has some great features and when it is working properly, has a lot of merit. The picture quality is very good, and many of the features work amazingly.
CAUTION – VERY IMPORTANT: If you get Bell FibeTV/Internet you must use Bell for your internet, and must buy the internet connection with the package. Why is that important? Because they have a cap on your bandwidth, that’s the amount of uploads/downloads you do through the month, and your base amount allowed is only 25 GB and that’s not much if you play games.
Something else very important is, Bell FibeTV does not give access to the lobby cameras if you live in an apartment/condo, why not? And most likely they will not tell you that when/if you sign up, nor does Bell FibeTV offer FX Canada a new US movie network, which is carried by Rogers, and they probably won’t tell you that either.
Check this out HERE  about bandwidth restrictions and usage, they may forget to tell you about this important information if/when you sign up.
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Daniel … Toronto, Canada

My take on everything

UPDATE: Bell FibeTV review – almost a year later, still problems and ‘deception’ at sales office

Toronto, Canada – I just found out a few things today about Bell FibeTV/internet and the practices of their sales team. They are still giving out wrong and misleading information in an attempt to get people signed up for their services.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you joined up within the last year, you were probably told you can record four programs at once. The only thing they leave out, is that yes, you can record four programs at once, but only two HD programs and two standard programs. But, I just found out that you can get more HD recording power if you request it. But you must be forceful because it appears there is an embargo on this feature. They won’t tell you it is available, nor do they allow it, if you call in and ask. I had to demand it, and was put through to a supervisor, before I could get the three HD ability and one standard TV recording on my system.

When I called the sales team as a new subscriber, I was told and asked how many stations can I record at once. I paused, and asked if there was any restrictions or more information on recording shows, and the representative told me “no, you can record four shows at once.” She left out the part that the default setup is only two HD and two standard. Is that misleading or deceptive?


I then asked Jennifer what happens if the internet is down, can I still watch my TV, she said “yes, and you can watch any pre-recorded shows you have on your PVR.” Another deception, you cannot watch TV, or pre-recorded shows if the internet service is down. And if you already have internet service and don’t want to switch to Bell, you are forced to buy their internet connection.

Even when I asked the pricing on the same package I currently have, she told me it would be $99.94 for the TV? I then said “is there anything else I need,” and she then said “NO.”  But another deception, you need internet access to make your FibeTV work. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, Bonnie, and she would not answer my questions, gave me the same ‘stock’ answers, and referred me to another number.

Within the last month we have had no service at least three times and they blame it on many other things rather than accept any responsibility. I realize it is only a year old but most people would give up I’m sure by now, but I have stuck it out for almost a year now.

When the service is working properly, it is one of the best on the market. But just try to get someone at Bell FibeTV to give you straight answers, rather than ‘stock’ answers and it is difficult.

I finally had the pleasure of talking with Phillip a 10 year employee and he was helpful and very informative and disclosed this hidden secret that you can now acquire the three HD channels, but only if you request it. Why is that?

Check all these things out before you sign up, and it appears that Bell will not carry the new USA channel FX Network which is a highly rated channel with lots of movies. It has been advertised extensively by Rogers who will offer it starting November 1st. It’s hard to get a straight answer from Bell, why, or if, it is available on FibeTV.

Another channel I love, but FibeTV does not offer is HD-Net which is owned by Mark Cuban and is very popular in the USA, but it was offered at one time on satellite, but has been dropped, I believe by Bell. There are many good things about FibeTV like the pause live TV, which was originally only offered on the main PVR box initially, but after people complained, they upgraded the system to allow pause live TV on all boxes within your home.


Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA
My take on everything – MTOE

UPDATE: Bell FibeTV/internet review still problems almost a year later, little compensation like BlackBerry

Toronto, Canada – Could Bell FibeTV/internet service, or unservice result in the same action being taken against RIM (Research in Motion) who operate BlackBerry service around the world. As reported in the Toronto Star today, millions are getting together to sue RIM because of the outages for their services the last month on the network.I realize outages can happen and that is to be expected, but Bell FibeTV has had at least three significant outages over the last month and they do give small compensations ($2 to $5), if you call in, that is.If you failed to call in and ask for a refund for lost service, they would not credit your account.But to most people it is not just ‘lost service’ it is programs not recorded, all the inconvenience, and also the internet does not work if FibeTV is not working, because it comes into your house by the internet.

When the FibeTV service it out, you cannot watch any of your recorded shows either, did they not consider this when they were building the system? What if you have a phone through the internet as well, does that go out too?
The service is very good, when it is working properly, but we have had the service for almost a year, signed up in November 2010, and we are still getting pixillating and sound-outs, and they have tried to repair it, to no resolution. What’s the next step for FibeTV, a class action lawsuit?

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA
My take on everything – MTOE

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