Toronto, CANADA –  Jarvis St. in downtown Toronto became one big bike lane yesterday as a reported 1400 cyclists turned up to protest the cancelling of the bike lanes by city council.In an attempt to make Toronto a more bike friendly community, city council approved bike lanes on Jarvis Street last year at a cost of around $200,000 and just last week they made an about face and decided to discontinue the lanes at the cost of another $200,000. While many world class cities are building “Protected bike lanes” that keep traffic out of cyclists area for safety concerns, Toronto is removing a major bike lane in downtown Toronto. Mayor Rob Ford is trying to save the city money and yet paying to cancel something that is currently working, bike lanes on Jarvis, is actually costing the city extra money.

Rob Ford cuts hurt us all

The plan is to cancel Jarvis Street bike lanes then build new lanes (unprotected) on Sherbourne Street which is one block to the west. Many at the protest disagree. “It just doesn’t make any sense, and instead of cancelling lanes they should concentrate on building bike lanes that protect riders from injury,” said Joanne from Toronto. “We’re going in the wrong direction, instead of eliminating bike lanes the city should be encouraging more lanes to assist cyclists in riding safely,” commented Jonathan from the west end.

Car free yesterday as bike lane protesters take over Jarvis St.There was a plan in the previous administration to build protected bike lanes on University Avenue but that was put on hold and although we have several bike lanes throughout the city we still don’t have any protected bike lanes where cars are kept out by having poles all along the route. All the majority of the protesters want, is a safe environment where they can ride without fear of being hit by cars. “We are taxpayers too and have every right to ride the roads of the city in a safe way, and Mayor Ford and his council have made a bad decision, with the turnout today it’s obvious people want bike lanes,” said David from North York.
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