Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada places 3rd, Well done – Men/Women win GOLD in hockey – Don Cherry has lots to say and doesn’t hold back

Canada wins GOLD in Men’s Hockey Sochi Olympics 2014 Made Canada proud.

  • Canada Olympians came through with an excellent showing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in Russia and although Russia was tops in the metal standings, Canada placed a respectable 3rd, just short of Vancouver 2010.

Donald S. Cherry Host of Coaches Corner made the trip to Sochi and had a lot to say but he will not be returning. He thought he would see “Women sweeping the streets with brooms,” but found out the city looked like “Downtown Mississauga, when he got there.”

Don Cherry turned 80 this week didn’t keep him silent – And what did you have to say?





American world Juniors classless, Don Cherry on Coaches Corner ‘You have class, then you have that’ referring to the American World juniors not having any class. ‘Class will always sell’ Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Don Cherry, Coach’s Corner, ‘I believe Women shouldn’t be in male dressing rooms’ Cherry can’t stay away from controversy

The topic came up on Coach’s Corner last night about women reporters in male sports locker-rooms because of a situation last week when defenceman Duncan Keith of the Chicago Black Hawks made a comment to a women reporter in Vancouver. Other male reporters were suggesting that Keith was being sexist towards Team 1040 reporter Karen Thomson just after their lose to the Canucks at Rexall Place.

Don Cherry always has an opinion


As you can see in this tweet, Ron MacLean was not in complete agreement with Cherry. Cherry went on to say, “Equal opportunity, then why aren’t men in women’s dressing rooms?”

To which it came up about the players walking around naked and MacLean didn’t think that would be a good idea for men to be in women’s locker-rooms.

My belief is women shouldn’t even be commentators on male sports broadcasts and yes, I’m in agreement with Cherry. Is that politically correct, no. But it is my belief and they should keep women out of men’s locker rooms, period. There are plenty of women’s sports that need women to cover, and let’s keep them separate.

Was Duncan Keith sexist, not at all. He had just lost a game 3-1, and a women reporter asked if he thought a penalty should be called. All he said was, “We should get you as a ref, maybe, eh?” That does not seem like a sexist remark to me.

Let us know what you think of the controversy?

Coaches Corner (Don Cherry) He’s okay with visors, yeah right, not true. Was he forced to say that?

On Coaches Corner Saturday night Don Cherry said he’s okay with players wearing visors as Patrick Kane on the left of Chicago Blackhawks.

But was he told by higher-ups in HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) that he had to change his view on visors? Since many times before he has complimented players who do not wear visors, as “look at him no visor” as if a player not wearing a visor is some sort of ‘real man’ which is very far from the truth.

Below you can see what Cherry had to say in 2011, about visors which got him into trouble again, and his dislike for Europeans and French Canadians.

Is this what a ‘real man’ looks like?

Cherry always speaks his mind, at least when he is told to change it. He’s a good broadcaster and we like him, but over the years he has been told to stop certain things and he complies. Many years ago he was a heavily against European players in the NHL and it seems he has conceded that, and now encourages Canadian and Toronto players when he gets the chance.

Players you are willing to take advice from this guy?

It’s been reported that about 75% of NHL players wear visors and the ones that do not are,  ‘real men?’

I don’t think so, they are wrongly following  the lead of Don Cherry, and in the worst case scenario could very easily lose an eye.  If they do, they could end their career, and would be sorry to admit it.

The simple answer to this problem, is make it mandatory for anyone coming from the minors to wear a visor since all players are now required to wear visors in the minor junior leagues. They have worn face protection since they were tykes.

Check out some of the other postings about what Don Cherry has had to say,    just click HERE.

For some very strange reason people, players, reporters think getting hit in the eye is a joke, and funny. It’s very far from that and could be career ending. I just don’t understand what is funny about getting hit in the eye, when you have the ability to prevent it with a piece of very efficient equipment called a visor. Below you will see the interview of Chris Pronger who received such an injury, which could have been 100% preventable.

Player protection number one

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NHL playoffs start Wednesday, and Don Cherry of HNIC, doesn’t waste a second to get the juices churning, ‘Crosby’s a whiner’

Toronto, Canada – Despite what he says, Don Cherry, 78, of HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) gets things going and last night was no exception.

On CBC National TV (which is carried on USA networks as well) he made it a point to say Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is a “whiner”  and just in the nick of time, as the NHL playoffs get underway Wednesday.

In a story today in the Toronto Star Crosby was a highlight of the Don Cherry commentary Saturday night on HNIC, (see below)

Cherry touched on another hot topic, the crackdown on ‘head hits’ by NHL players and how it has affected their play. No-one disputes that they should be eliminated but Cherry says he explained this months ago, that if you end head hits, players will start to hit below the waist, which appears to be what has happened.

After all, Cherry himself says he’s “been in the game for 400 years” and he knows what he’s talking about.

There’s no doubt he’s correct about a lot of hockey issues, especially the ‘touch icing’ where players race for the puck to the end boards and many get seriously injured, or end their careers.

The NHL has proposed a trail period next year to look at ‘hybrid icing’ which may cut the dangers, but I doubt it and I’m sure Cherry will agree.

If player safety is the concern of the NHL, they must change the icing rule to no touch icing, which makes the whistle go, as soon as the puck crosses the end boards goal line.

Maybe Cherry will be around for another 400 years, but only time will tell.


New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins have not always been favorite opponents, and last week Rangers coach John Tortorella was given a $20,000 fine by the NHL, for what, we still do not know. It appears it may just be because he crossed the line and made derogatory comments about Crosby and the wonderful untouchable Penguins.

The local Pittsburgh Post Gazette doesn’t see it the same way.

It looks like Philadelphia Flyers will meet the Pittsburgh Penguins in the opening round of the playoffs, which should make for a great start on the trip to the Stanley Cup.

To see the full NHL playoff line-up CLICK HERE.

MORE TIDBITS – Just found out from a great sports writer for the New York Rangers, New York Post’s  Larry Brooks,  says players that just enter the playoffs from other leagues, Colleges or Universities, do not get paid, they play for free.

Brooks is not a big fan of head coach John Tortorella, and Torts, confirms it’s mutual, but Rangers will meet Ottawa in the first round at Madison Square Garden. It’s been an ongoing thing for many years between the two.

Wonder how Tororella will react if the Rangers lose to the Senators in the first round?

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UPDATE: Are the Toronto Maple Leafs trying to muzzle ‘HNIC’ commentator Don Cherry, threatening to pull the broadcast from CBC?

Toronto, Canada – The Toronto Maple Leafs are now owned by Rogers and Bell, and contracts come up in two years for the broadcast rights of the Maple Leafs, will CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) be able to get the rights again?

Last week commentator Don Cherry, 78, of HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) had plenty to say about the Maple Leafs and how the biggest franchise in the NHL is run, and that is what he is suppose to do, give his opinion whether it is in agreement with the Leafs or not.

But now that Rogers and Bell own MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) and since they are broadcasters themselves, will the CBC broadcasts come to an end?

Whether you like Don Cherry or not, he does have an opinion on hockey, and people listen, even the NHL players themselves. If MLSE want to muzzle him, and not let him speak because they don’t agree with him, that is wrong, and it will not silence him, or his views.

The video above is not even a week old and it has received over 200,000 views on YouTube, so the regular folks like him and watch, we must hear all viewpoints, not just the ones the Maple Leafs want to put out.
UPDATE: March 9/2012 – It is being reported by the Toronto Sun that Coaches Corner could be dropped by the NHL when negotiations get underway for renewal in two years.

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UPDATES: Don Cherry rant (Video – HNIC) Saturday, March 3/2012, frothing at the mouth, and throwing papers, Toronto Maple Leafs finally win

Montreal, Canada – It all started as a comment about the Toronto Maple Leafs firing Ron Wilson as their coach after losing 11 straight games with the playoffs only 18 games away. It ended up leading to a rant between commentator Don Cherry of CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) and Brian Burke (Leafs President and General Manager.) They have had an ongoing feud since the beginning of the season, and Saturday, it hit the fan, with Cherry. He was throwing papers off the table and flustered throughout the Coaches Corner segment between periods. (ABOVE)

He made reference to the fact that Toronto has no Ontario-born players and yet nearly every team playing against Toronto, has about five Ontario-born players. (that’s an average) Cherry shied away from saying Toronto has four European players. (Why did Cherry leave that out?) The rest are from Western Canada and the USA. Cherry said on Coaches Corner, “Every team in the National Hockey League has a guy from Ontario except one — it’s Ontario’s Toronto Maple Leafs.” ‘Cherry bombs’ are flying everywhere, checkout what the Toronto Sun Warmington has to say.

Here’s a prime example of Cherrys’ angst, Nazem Kadri who is currently one of the leading players on the Maple Leafs farm team in the AHL (American Hockey League,) Toronto Marlies, played for the Leafs several times this year but kept being sent back to the farm team. He was even selected to play in the AHL All-Star game, but was with the Leafs at the time, and declined, he has scored 17 goals, and 24 assists this year with the Marlies. The biggest thing holding him back from the big leagues, appears to be he is from the Toronto area, but born in London, Ontario.

He went on to say, “There’s 40,000 kids in the GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League) – Seguin, Skinner, Spezza — they all come from the GTHL. This guy (Burke) has none. He has all Americans, (actually eight Americans) he has American college guys who play for him right now and I could go on and on.”

Cherry figures that Burke went to his bosses at CBC, to try and have him fired, here’s what he had to say, “Here’s what kills me — Burke goes to my bosses and says I’m a bad guy and I said something ‘vicious’ about his coach, two weeks later he fires him. Figure that one out, folks.”

Cherry has never been one to hide his feelings or his opinions and last night was no exception. He didn’t even get enough time to really say what he meant, but his comments were well received by many Ontario players coming through the system and ones from Ontario, that are already in the NHL. Cherry has never understood why Ontario-born players don’t make it to the Maple Leafs but many do graduate to the NHL and when they come to Toronto to play, they play extra hard to make an impression.

For instance, Boston and St. Louis have nine Ontario-born players on the roster, but GM Burke says, “I don’t restrict the scouts to what area to pick the players from.”

Maybe he could suggest that they do a little scouting from the Ontario area, because it seems other NHL teams are doing that right now, big time.

Coaches Corner with Don Cherry March 3/2012

Story on Cherrys’ rants

‘Cherry was wrong this time’ another take on Grapes comments HERE.

Oh yea, by the way the Leafs finally ended their losing streak, beating Montreal Canadiens 3-1 in Montreal Saturday night, with their new coach Randy Carlyle.

Coaches Corner with Don Cherry March 3/2012

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Don Cherry of Coaches Corner refused an honorary degree at RMC (Royal Military College)

Toronto, Canada – Don Cherry, broadcaster for CBC and host of Coaches Corner on HNIC has refused to attend Royal Military College to accept an honorary Doctorate degree due to a “circus” atmosphere.

In a report by Joe Warmington in The Toronto Sun on Saturday it was noted, a true military supporter and Canadian, Don Cherry (77) of HNIC (CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada) Coaches Corner, has announced he will not accept an honorary doctorate degree from the RMC on November 17th.

‘One’ professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston Catherine Lord has suggested that he does not support the French people, but leaves out the fact that he loves the French, just not the French that wanted to separate from Canada.

Cherry has had a long relationship with the Canadian military and made a trip to the troops last Christmas to rally support of the Van Doostroops in Afghanistan. On his coaches corner on CBC he honours the troops almost every week.

Cherry has been a supporter of the troops for many years and was born in Kingston, Ontario and his grandfather Richard Palamountain was a war veteran and returned to RMC and worked there for 17 years until his death.

He’s not always agreeable to everyone at all times, but he speaks his mind, as he says it like it is. He’s been controversial over the years on his part, but this time it has been created by Professor Catherine Lord. There is still time for things to change and if the 800 cadets at the college speak up and defend Cherry and request he attend, anything could happen at the convocation November 17th.

On his regular broadcast on Coaches Corner Saturday night he said, ” “I’m not going. It’s not fair to the other two guys, it’d be a circus down there. I’m sorry I can’t be there.” His co-host Ron McLean held up the front page of the Toronto Sun and asked him to talk about it, but he refused. He didn’t want it to become a “circus” and wanted the best for the 800 cadets who are graduating.

In his broadcast Saturday he proudly wore his Royal Canadian Legion blazer since he is a lifelong member of the Legion. We all hope he changes his mind and attends the honorary ceremony.


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