‘RoboCops’ Riot police in Toronto during the G20 in 2010

Toronto, Canada – We experienced this nonsense in the streets at G20 during summer of 2010. Over 500 protesters were arrested and released for no reason.

The good people in Ferguson have protested, now stay home. The only ones to do further protests will be criminals, looters, thugs, and trouble makers.
That will make it easy for the cops to go after the bad people, If and only if, the GOOD, KIND, Decent, hardworking, compassionate and decent citizens stay at home, because your protests have been heard loud and clear across your country and around the world.

Actual looters in Ferguson, Missouri after it gets dark

We agree with the 99.999999% good people in Ferguson, and want them to care about themselves and their families. Fighting the police is not worth it, you will not win, you may die, but if all the good people stay home on Tuesday, that will only leave the others. Please, put an end to this International story of Injustice to the great people of Ferguson, now. God Bless and we shall say a prayer for you tonight.



Toronto cops have 'velcro' nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren't the sewn onto their uniform permanately?

Toronto cops have ‘velcro’ nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren’t the sewn onto their uniform permanently?

Many local residents in Ferguson see what is happening now in the town is not much different from the normal. One resident recently said “It’s an unwritten rule in Ferguson and St. Louis that black men do not go out on the street after dark for fear of harassment by the police.”

With all the arrests in Ferguson this past week the most were not from  town, many of the same protesters have been arrested several nights in a row.
And what’s with the police that are acting for security in Ferguson, why do they not have any identification badges on their uniforms in case a citizen wants to report the actions of any police officer? Their appears to be no numbers on their shoulders or no name tag on the uniforms.
Last night an officer patrolling the streets pointed an AR15 rifle at peaceful protesters and said he was going to “kill them” fortunately another officer pulled he away but it was caught on video, and he has been removed from the operation and suspended indefinitely.
The officer was not named but he is from a nearby jurisdiction call St. Anne. When asked his name he said “I’m go fuck yoursel.”