Toronto, Canada – In a fluke shot from centre ice Norfolk’s Mike Kostka shoots the puck into the Marlies corner and it goes off a stanchion and directly into the net. Norfolk Admirals are now winning best of seven series, 3-0 in AHL Calder Cup Finals.

In one of the most bizarre shots, Norfolk’s Kostka shoots the puck from centre ice and it hits the far corner where the glass is held on the rink-side. Marlies goalie Ben Scrivens goes behind the net anticipating the puck coming around, but it bounces off the stanchion directly into the empty net.
The sellout crowd of 8,084 (extra seats were added) were in shock as they awaited to see the replay on the scoreboard.
It took a while for them to find the right angle to show the shot, and many fans thought they might not replay the fluke bounce.
Kostka who was raised locally in Etobicoke, was just doing what defencemen do, shoot it in and follow up, but even he was surprised by the unusual bounce at 9:09 of the first over-time.
Right at the end of the first period, Norfolk had questioned a possible goal, but the officials finally decided it didn’t go in, after consulting with the goal judge Ed Butler, to the rousing applause of the fans.
Head coach of Norfolk, Jon Cooper said after the game, “I’m sick to my stomach for Scrivens, it was a tough break for the kid, but I would rather it go in our favour than theirs. Toronto pushed in the first, and was clearly the better team in the first period.”
Norfolk has done very well this year with 42 wins in the last 44 games, but because of the AHL scheduling, these are the first three games Marlies have ever played them.
The Marlies must now win the final three games against Norfold with the next two at Ricoh Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm, they will also be broadcast on Sportsnet One. If necessary, the seventh game would be back in Norfolk, Virginia and broadcast on LeafsTV.
It’s the first time in about 45 years Toronto has ever seen professional hockey in June, let’s hope it’s not the last. Because of the warm weather, even extra air conditioning was attached to the building almost 100 year old Ricoh Coliseum
The original Coliseum was built by Mayor T.L. Chruch as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 1921 and at the time was the largest facility in North America before the Maple Leafs Gardens was built in 1931.
It was renovated in 2003 and an artificial ice pad was added to the facility as well as extra seats.
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