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Toronto, Canada – I’m not Iranian, I was born in Canada to freedom. and understand things can be very bad in Iran and the feud between USA and Iran has now hit Canadian-Iranians. What kind of message does that send to the world, we are puppets of the USA?

And is it all just propaganda, disseminated by the Americans.

They clearly came to Canada to escape the rule of the government looking for freedoms that we take for granted.

People that should be targeted are clearly the ones that send money to the regime, and just regular families having a bank account should not be targeted, by TD Bank or any other in Canada.

TD Bank is clearly discriminating against Iranian-Canadians and if this ‘rule’ was initiated in 2010, why is it happening now?

From what I know about Iranian-Canadians, they are honest, hard-working, friendly people and left Iran for many different reasons, but mainly to create a new and free life.

They deserve better than this and if I was a TD Bank customer, I would close my accounts immediately.

Anyone that closes an account based on Nationality, may be a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights.

What will happen with other companies dealing with Iran, like Bell Canada, will they stop people from making calls to Iran, because they will be making money and so will Iran? It’ just not fair, and need to be addressed individually.

Don’t let TD Bank get away with this, it may mean more work by the banking industry, but closing bank accounts on the basis of where you are from, is not a valid reason in my opinion.

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