Please be WARNED and use discretion before you view this, still photograph of the victim Lin June, 33. The video was taken down after a few days but a still photo of the act is still visible HERE. Use Caution, very disturbing.

Best Gore: “The video is currently not available. I apologize for inconvenience.” It’s still there just harder to find, follow instructions on YouTube.

UPDATE: June 18/2012 – Luca Rocco Magnotta (29) returned to Montreal from Berlin by military transport and arrives back in Canada to face murder charges.

The plane landed in Montreal just after 7pm Monday, from 10-day world-wide warrant on Interpol and didn’t receive the fanfare he so deeply desires.

Lin Family still trying to cope.

UPDATE: June 5/2012 – Montreal police held a news conference this afternoon and announced Magnotta has waived extradition in a Berlin court today. He will now be returned to Canada to face charges related to this murder. It is unknown how long it will take for him to return, but it is expected it will be a couple of weeks.

There are also reports human remains have turned up at Vancouver schools, and not sure if they have any connection to the Magnotta murder case. Montreal police had said the body parts, head, hand and foot were still missing.

Berlin, Germany – Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29 was arrested at an cybercafé  in Germany for the murder of a student in Montreal.

He is accused of dismemberment of Chinese National student Lin Jun, 33, who was studying computer science at Montreal’s Concordia University. He was spotted in the internet café while he was surfing to read stories about himself. He tried to use another name when questioned but finally said “Okay, You’ve got me” to put an end to the international manhunt for his arrest. The self described “bisexual porn actor” went with the police for further investigation.

It all started last week when  body parts were sent to the head offices of the political parties in Canada. Further investigation by the Montreal police recovered a  torso in a laneway, and lead them to Magnotta’s apartment where the alleged dismembering took place.

Montreal police are on their way to Germany to start extradition process to return Magnotta back to Canada to face charges.

Police have admitted that the video of the murder does not show the identity of the person who murdered Jun, since the person was wearing a mask during the attack.

Three years ago a person who called themselves Luka Rocco Magnotta wrote a blog in Toronto HERE, on “How to completely disappear and never be found,” but it seems it does not work.

It seems to me this strange man just loves publicity and was revealed by using social media and has now been caught by using social media.