Toronto, Canada –  Roundabouts have been common place in Europe for many years and yet in North America and especially in Toronto we rarely see them. The only ones I have seen in Toronto is north of Eglinton, just east of Bayview in a small community.

UPDATE: October 25/2011 –
It appears to me that the majority of traffic accidents in the last year have been related to left turns at intersections and just yesterday two elderly  ladies died instantly,  in Mississauga.

I realize it’s not practical to change every intersection to a roundabout, but at the very least, let’s make all new intersections, roundabouts.

They make a lot of sense and the way it works   is you arrive at the roundabout and only need to yield to traffic already in the circle and give them right of way. They can work at a three corner intersection or a four corner crossing, and it is very hard to get use to, but after a while it works very well. In newer subdivision this would be an asset, and it would eliminate most of the deaths we have with traffic hitting people turning left, and probably eliminate all of the pedestrians, that are getting killed at street corners.

In my sisters town, they have started introducing them to parts of Michigan, and the thinking has been that it is a great idea, but there is definitely a learning curve.

I think it is about time we brought roundabouts   to Toronto, and some parts of Canada and the USA have already put them in place and people are raving about them. I think the biggest stumbling block would be that many have not used them before and this would cause confusion in the initial stages, but drivers will not be racing into intersections, instead there may be accidents but they will be driving at very slow speeds, and hopefully decrease the number of terrible and senseless deaths that have occurred on our city streets.

Is it worth a try, I think so.
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