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Toronto, Canada – A recent major beef on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the slow entries into the front doors of the streetcars downtown. Everyone is in an unresolved efficient loading of the streetcars in the downtown core.

ttc81714Another important issue on subways are the people who constantly block the doors that passengers are trying to get in/off the train.

For an efficient system to work, riders must be asked to use the rear entrance when deboarding, which allows paying customers to load the streetcar with new ones. And once on the Red Rocket attempt to move to the rear of the car so others can get on easily in the front.

In late August the branch new sleek, twice as long streetcars will be introduced only to the spadina line from some unknown reason, yet they will be offering onboard entrance at any four doors with valid metropasses or transfers.

Any one paying cash or ticket will continue to be required to enter through the front door and try to get past the people trying to get off.

“Please stand clear of the doors” broadcast on all subways at every stop is clearly ignored, and when someone is trying to get on/off at any stop is clearly delayed from doing so. Politely asking people to CLEAR the doors there met with, displeasure, and arrogance after a sports team event at either ACC or Skydome/Rogers Centre.

TTC rain (2)Have you entered the College/Dundas/Queen/KING station there are two sides to the booth for operators, and yet the majority of the time there are long lines since there is only one both in service?

Because of the new “boarding streetcar plans just announced, as an “Honor System” and passengers will be allowed to enter any door if they have Metropass or transfers, this will fail heavily. I’ve yet to see ANY payment fees checked on any streetcar line except Queen. And the honor checks rarely get on those lines. Where I do see the frequenting and just hanging out, are the Yonge/Bloor terminus and the UNION Station which seems to have too many checkers.


StreetcarAug7200982014Our purpose it to let you tell us what you really think about this new Honor System proposed in the near future, but is just really one big joke. The need to hire at lease an extra hundred people to do this ticket validating.


Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada places 3rd, Well done – Men/Women win GOLD in hockey – Don Cherry has lots to say and doesn’t hold back

Canada wins GOLD in Men’s Hockey Sochi Olympics 2014 Made Canada proud.

  • Canada Olympians came through with an excellent showing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in Russia and although Russia was tops in the metal standings, Canada placed a respectable 3rd, just short of Vancouver 2010.

Donald S. Cherry Host of Coaches Corner made the trip to Sochi and had a lot to say but he will not be returning. He thought he would see “Women sweeping the streets with brooms,” but found out the city looked like “Downtown Mississauga, when he got there.”

Don Cherry turned 80 this week didn’t keep him silent – And what did you have to say?




TTC subway closed – Way too many buses replacing subway, wasting our money

TTC University subway line was closed Sunday for upgrades, buses replaced subway, but was it over staffed when TTC say they have no money?

The closure of the University line was widely announced through the media for weeks but the management at TTC felt it was necessary to have way too many buses and staff to handle the few passengers on the route. Several of the drivers and staff associated with the closure were on overtime, and there were many workers all along the shuttle bus line, directing the few passengers.

At a time when the TTC maintain they are constantly needing money to run the system.

Are they managing the system correctly and efficiently, and using our money the right way? I don’t think so. From what I saw Sunday, there were an awful lot of empty buses running up/down University Avenue and they had paid duty cops along the route, giving buses the right of way, which is an additional cost to the TTC.

It was announced by the TTC they are upgrading the signals along the University line since the signalling system is over 50 years old. They say the upgrade will allow trains to run closer together and thus improve service.

To get a look at the TTC track cleaning train, check it out HERE.

The TTC is an efficient service and one we can be proud of, but when they mismanage the system as they have done on the University line shuttle buses is that making it efficient and worthy?

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UPDATE: Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto and Star reporter Daniel Dale peaking over Ford’s backyard fence

Toronto, Canada – Mayor Rob Ford of  Toronto is a little upset that a Toronto Star reporter was sneaking around his backyard fence in the early evening and he rushed at him, while he was peeking over the fence, scaring the ‘shit’ out of him.
UPDATE – December 17/13 – Mayor Rob Ford made a ‘kinda’ apology today at City Hall to Daniel Dale.
Another take on the, so called apology by the mayor from DiManno of the Toronto Star.
Latest UPDATE: Toronto Police Service investigated the accusations and decided not to charge Daniel Dale with anything. I still don’t think he did the right thing.
Since Mayor Rob Ford has been elected, the Toronto Star has done nothing short of hounding him, and trying to dig up any dirty stuff they can, because he won the election and they did not approve.
Yes, but the people approved, and we are the ones that elect politicians, not the Star, or any other newspaper.
Since his earlier attacks in the Star, he has stopped talking to Toronto Star reporters, and I find that troublesome, since the mayor should talk to all media outlets, whether he agrees what they have to say or not.
I posted this comment on one of the Star stories, yet it never made it into the paper, maybe because it made too much sense and the Star didn’t agree. But it seems when a ‘scandal’ regarding Rob Ford, the Star leave the comments section open for weeks, but normally they shut them down after one, two days or when the comment numbers get around 100.
It will be interesting to see how long you leave these comments open, because nobody likes what your reporter did.
To say he has won awards, has nothing to do with it.
It’s sleazy, sneaky, and just not right.
I am not even a big Ford supporter, but if anyone does something like this, leave it to the other media, the Star has an agenda, and this makes it even more clear.
What Ford is doing by not talking to the Star is not right, I want our Mayor to talk to all the people, and that means all the media, he is not right either, but what your reporter did, was low and disgusting.
Grow up, both of you. He must talk to all the media and the Star must act professional. What added info could he gather from peeking over Ford’s fence that would relate to the story he is writing?
The comments in the most recent stories about the peeking over the backyard fence by Star reporter Daniel Dale, most of the comments have been behind Ford, and suggest the Star went too far. The reason Dale was sneaking around, is because he ‘says’ he was investigating a plan by the Mayor to buy some land behind his house which is now city parkland. It’s not clear how he (Dale) can prove peeking over the fence, to get the story. UPDATE: Here is a map of the parkland, (click map to enlarge) that Mayor Ford has suggested he wants to buy. But all request by citizens have been declined in the past, to allow citizens to buy city parkland. It’s going to full city council now for a final decision.
But strangely when it is a positive story about Mayor Ford, they shut the comments section down quickly. Does the Toronto Star have an agenda? You bet, they don’t like him and it shows.
This post was originally put up in May 2012 and recently updated with new videos since Rob Ford alledged that Daniel Dale was a ‘pedophile’ in his interview on Vision TV.

dandmb50flickr's photos on Flickriver Daniel … Toronto, Canada

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CN Tower (not CNN) in Toronto launches new ‘EdgeWalk’ 356 metres above the ground, at $175 a pop, very popular, waiting list growing

UPDATE: CN Tower Edge walk officially opens Monday

Toronto, CANADA – The new “EDGE WALK” 356 metres (116 stories) above the ground, where you can walk around the CN Tower above the restaurant and get your thrills, or frights, for this hands-free walk for a measly $175. Demand is brisk and there is a waiting list for this harnessed walk around the top of the restaurant, with nothing holding you back, but the cabled harnesses.

Another attraction to bring in the customers, was a clear glass floor on the observation gallery which allows you to look right through to the ground, which sees schoolkids jumping on the glass to try and break it, but it’s about a foot thick.
The CN Tower   is a must see while in Toronto, and on a clear day you can see Niagara Falls and New York State, USA.
Without the “Edge Walk” you only pay for the elevator ride, $34.99 to the observation gallery which gives a panoramic view of downtown Toronto, and you can see  Niagara Falls  and New York State on a clear day.

It is one of tallest and most identifiable free standing structures in the western world, and most photographed, when visitors come to Toronto. It boasts a full service revolving restaurant on the pod level, (elevator included in reservations) or just pay the fee of $34.99 or check out the other full packages RATES HERE.The CN Tower was originally built in 1974 for communications, but now with the advent of satellite communications it’s used mainly for bouncing signals to the heavens.

A must see, if you are visiting this great city, and you never get lost walking around downtown Toronto, just look up, and get your bearings from the CN Tower.  “It’s not CNN”   is a takeoff on visitors asking me many years ago,  “Where’s the CNN Tower?”    They must be from the USA.

For more info go to CNTOWER.

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
My Take on everything

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UPDATE: Casey Anthony murder trial – Cindy Anthony (Grandmother) of Caylee, takes stand for most of today, jury sympathizes?

Orlando, Florida – I’m no lawyer, but sympathy, emotions, and non-facts, should not be part of any murder trial. Today’s evidence in the murder case of Casey Anthony was not evidence, but pure emotion, speculation and sympathy for the grandmother. It has been reported that the whole family is dysfunctional and it was very clear today this may be true, and although it is only the seventh  day of trial this is a very dysfunctional family in my view. In previous testimony by George, Casey’s Father, he would never answer the defense attorney’s questions, and today it was the same approach from the mother, Cindy.Let’s face it, Casey Anthony is not the poster child for Mother of the Year, but this is just so, so slanted, since everyone has been coached to hate her and that is not right. How she acts in the courtroom to her mother, how she dresses, how she looks at anyone, these are not reasons for convicting someone of the worst crime ever. Innuendo, speculation, looks, clothing they are not evidence.I agree, I suspected she was guilty from three years ago, and she may well be, but we must let the trial play out. From what I understand as a layman, people get convicted on evidence and we have seen very little so far. Yes, computer checks for chloroform, checks for neck breaking, hair in the trunk, these are all circumstantial evidence and no one has placed Casey at the desk of the computer, or putting her daughters hair in the trunk.
Tonight on Nancy Grace show on HLN, where she is in true form, where she has said such things as “Casey placed her daughters dead body in a pet cemetery with duct tape over her mouth”   is just all conjecture and not based on any real facts. She even had a veteran New York City lawyer Paul Batista as a guest on her show tonight and he spouted the same as me, and she said, “cut his microphone, he’s not answering my questions”  which means he is not in lock step loop with Nancy Grace’s view, and can’t be heard, doubt if he will be asked back on. I have read that the duct tape over the mouth of young Caylee was probably done by the person who killed/or covered up the death, to make it appear that it was a kidnapping.
It appears that everyone from CNN shows, appears to have a closed mind, and think/demand that Casey is guilty. Thank goodness we even have trials, with people thinking like this, and spewing their biased opinions. I have not decided yet, if I think Casey is guilty, it looks very bad for her if I just listen to the main stream media, but I have my doubts, but they may be addressed later in the trial. But I have not decided to take her out and finish her off before she gets a fair and unbiased trial, what is happening people, there must be evidence, proving these things especially in a murder trial, it must be beyond reasonable doubt. Are people saying, they have no doubt   in their minds after the revealing opening statement at the beginning of the trial by Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez? Maybe not, but I sure do, have all kinds of doubt in my mind and I’m just a regular guy.
Casey is the one everyone loves to hate, and “string her up”  mentality, but that went out, back when cattle rustlers were hung, not today.It shall be very interesting in the next few days, when George and Cindy’s son Lee takes the stand and maybe then, we will see that we have a package deal of a full dysfunctional family, and it also appears that they may all be liars, just as they programmed their daughter Casey.

TRIAL CHATTER: I thought it was just me mixing up Casey, Caylee, Cindy, all such similar names but I heard Cindy today on the stand make the mistake herself, at least twice?

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
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Driving in Toronto, can it be dangerous, costly, frustrating and just plain madness. Do we have enough enforcement?

Toronto, CANADA – An excellent article in the Toronto Star  today prompted this blog, and writer Ian Law  was concentrating on the four driving offences that “drive him crazy” and he could issue tickets (if they game him a title and a car) to drivers, under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA.) He covers his worst, distracted drivers, running red lights,aggressive driving, and illegal turns.These are all good points and although many residents would say “We have enough enforcement, too much,in fact” that is not the case. Recently the Province of Ontario added a new traffic law which makes using any hand held electronic devices illegal and subject to over $100 fine and points. This is mainly targeted at people texting and driving, or stopped at a traffic light, and are not using a hands free device. And since the start of this new law, about a year ago, has this eliminated the safety hazard? Not a chance, it’s a wee bit smaller than in years past, but it still continues to this day, and I see people texting in backed up traffic all the time. If caught, I think a more realistic fine should be imposed since they are only catching about five percent, so let’s make the fine $500 and see how the public reacts to that.
This texting and driving has been responsible for so many accidents since texting started, and now with everyone having a smart phone, and traffic snarls all over the city, people think they can do both. Studies have shown that someone texting and driving is very similar to the conditions of an impaired driver and in Ontario that is a criminal offence.I just don’t get it, people can’t wait to answer their phones and for some reason are aware of the dangers, but continue to use their hand held devices while they try to manoeuvre through the heavy traffic of downtown Toronto, and I suspect other major cities across North America. It’s getting so bad, it’s not even safe in a wheelchair. (picture below)

So what do you think? Are there other things that DRIVE YOU CRAZY about Toronto Drivers? Let’s hear what you have to say.

If you need a good safe driving school, check this place out, it’s Ian Law’s school just north of Toronto.  (Car Control School)

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
My take on everything


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