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It seems Ferguson, Missouri residents are getting the message, STAY HOME.

Tear gas directed at unarmed peaceful protesters

Tear gas directed at unarmed peaceful protesters

Ferguson, Missouri, USA – After eleven days of unrest in the small community of Ferguson (20,000) a suburb of St. Louis protesters have finally made the decision to stay home because the large numbers of armed security forces and the National Guard.

It all started last Saturday when an unarmed 18-year-old black man was shot dead during the daytime in a residential street just off the main drag.

mike brow shooting

Michael Brown dead

Not known when the murdered young man Michael Brown had a scuffle at a local variety store where he was seen on video tape allegedly stealing about $40 of cigars and strong arming (store video below) the store clerk while he was leaving the store.



Cop that killed Mike Brown

Cop that killed unarmed Michael Brown

He was eventually stopped by officer Darren Wilson (28) a six-year veteran of Ferguson Police P.D. who is now on paid leave. He has said he originally stopped them for walking down the middle of the street, but the officer then realized he might be the person the radio said had recently robbed (10 minutes earlier) a store of cigars. He got in a struggle with Brown and finally shot him dead with six-gun shots.

For some unknown reason The Furguson, Missouri Police Department website in down right now, and you can view it HERE, which is the Wikipedia website, and we don’t know when their home page will be open.

They may be hiding under their desks, but I think they are packing their bags, because I’m sure the force, 53 officers of which only 3 are black, will soon be shutdown and proper more trained officers will be brought in to stop  harassment of the fine residents of Ferguson.


You want to see what others are saying goto CBS and see what they are suggesting for Ferguson resident to STAY HOME. Click HERE


The Falling Man 911- from the North Tower of World Trade Center 2001 – Identified as Norberto Hernandez

We all remember and shall never forget September 11, 2001 and the terrible tragedy of 911.

The Falling Man documentary was very controversial when it cam out and about the real picture by Richard Drew that was published after the attack around the world.

The Falling Man – Richard Drew

The man jumping was unknown at the time and it was Peter Cheney of the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper that made it his mission to try to find out who exactly he was.

After several days of investigation he finally determined it was Norberto Hernandez (42) a worker from the Windows Restaurant in the WTC.

The official statement from the coroner’s office was that no-one jumped, they either fell out of the windows, or were exploded out from the fire.

Another take on the story can be see HERE.

Binders full of women – Fair pay for women, Mitt Romeys view, just not right

Hempstead,  New York – Things got hot and heavy last night in the second Presidential Debate at Hofstra University and Mitt Romney’s comment went viral on the internets.

But it seems only Romney’s comments got the attention but the ‘no answers’ from President Obama were overlooked. He never answered the question about why it took weeks before he said anything truthful about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Although Romney concentrated on Obama’s speech in the Rose Garden and not ask about why UN Representative Dr. Susan Rice made the rounds saying (best assessment) the attack was associated with a YouTube video.

ROMNEY: We took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said, “Can you help us find folks?” and they brought us whole binders full of women.

I was proud of the fact that, after I staffed my cabinet and my senior staff, that the University of New York in Albany did a survey of all 50 states, and concluded that mine had more women in senior leadership positions than any other state in America.

Romney blew it last night, but President Obama didn’t do much better trying to dodge the real questions.

It was later suggested by people who were in Massachusetts at the time Romney said he wanted the binders, that the women’s groups approached Romney about getting women in positions of authority.

Very interesting fact, Fox News-TV did not mention anything about the “binders full of women” why not? But they did spin it well on their politics page.

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Politics: President Obama may ‘move on Syria and take a position on gun restrictions before election’

UPDATE: August 21/2012 – Does President Obama’s statement yesterday in the press conference, at the White House support my prediction?

Even the NY Times has suggested that he will move on Syria if leader Bashar al-Assad  uses chemical weapons (WMD) and tries to use them on his people. The only part they left out, will he do it before the election, if he needs it to win the Presidency.

August 12/2012 – In my opinion, President Barack Obama may take his head out of the sand and make the decision to move and help the people’s of Syria, before the election. His absence of help seems to be clear and yet he does not want to get involved, but it seems to me he is waiting for the right time, when he needs the support from voters.

We all realize that Russia and Libya are friendly, and that may be holding him back, but the election is far more important to him, to overlook the tragedies that are happening in Syria.

It’s a big move and the right one, someone has to help Syria, and who better than the United States of America. At this point in the election (less than three months) timing is everything.

On the issue of gun restrictions, there is no answer or comment from either the President or Mitt Romney and one of them must decide to do the right thing and condemn the automatic weapons, 100-bullet magazines, and take an honest stand on gun restrictions.

Who’s in charge, the Office of the President or the National Rifle Association (NRA?)

Every American has the right to bare arms, but not the type of automatic weapons that have killed so many in the last few months, I can’t think there is anyone who disagrees with that.

The Syria situation is a real embarrassment to the world, and why has no-one come forward to help the children, women and almost 100,000 people have been innocently killed in the last year.

United States is the last hope for the Syrian people, and Obama must help, and I suspect he will, just before the election because he must know he needs something big,  to get the voters clearly back on his side.

Just do the right thing.

And when is President Obama going to announce his vice-president running mate?

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Breaking News: Homs, Syria, two journalists are dead and why is it considered the ‘worst war in the world?’

Homs, Syria – It’s terribly sad these journalists have died, and they knew what they were getting into. But the reports from these journalists indicating that this is the ‘worst war in the world’ seems to be unfounded.

Marie Colvin, 55, of the London’s, Sunday Times (owned by NewsCorpFox)  and correspondent for CNN, was killed along with war photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, today in Homs, Syria. Many in the World remember Colvin for her identifiable patch over her left eye, which she lost during a conflict in Sri Lanka in 2001. The details of exactly how they were killed, has not been disclosed, but it seems they were hit by shelling today, as nearly 100 people are killed every day in Homs.

But the Government of Syria suggest these killings have been initiated by terrorists and they are NOT responsible for any killings.

Do they not remember Darfur, Sudan? Estimates from the UN say that 70,000 were killed by the Sudanese government but many put that even 4-5 times higher. How many more innocent children must die before the world steps up and does something? Will the genocide continue?

The people of Darfur wanted nothing more than freedom, and the Sudanese government has been accused of genocide in the killing and displacement of millions. To date the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been accused of killing 4-5000 in the past year.

War is terrible no matter where it occurs, but sadly, the victims of war are truly the innocent, seeing a two-year old dying in the arms of their fathers, is the worst of the worst.

The world must step up and help these helpless people now. In Darfur and in Syria, and anywhere else it may occur. What is the reason that China and Russia denied to get involved in the Syrian conflict? Does it have anything to do with money?

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada
My take on everything

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