Toronto G20 – ‘This ain’t Canada anymore’ ‘Take back the city’ said police and officials

Toronto, Canada Many think it was a mistake, but I did make my way down to the G20 Summit in June 2010. I saw it first hand, and was not impressed with the Toronto Police Service.

I walked up Yonge Street about 20 minutes after the total destruction from Queen to College and did not see one police officer anywhere. The ‘Black Bloc’ and the crowd had free hand to do whatever violence they wanted, and no cops to stop them.

These videos pretty well tell the whole story, but someone must be held responsible for this terrible police handling up such an event. Toronto Police Service Chief Bill Blair has said in effect, he never had this situation before, and may have made some mistakes.

What an understatement. He blew it, and disgraced the city. He should just come clean and admit he blew it, and move on and get rid of the officers who damaged the police reputation.

York Regional Police Sergeant 815 said, “This ain’t Canada anymore, it’s G20 land” and then he went on to say, “No civil rights”

“I’m concerned with the shortcomings that have been identified. I think it has had an impact on public confidence, public trust. And as the chief of police, I know the value of the trust of the public. So I think we need to demonstrate a commitment to address those shortcomings, to make the changes necessary through our policy procedure, training or equipment to make sure that in any future operations that we have addressed those shortcomings so that we can do the best possible service for the people of Toronto.” said Chief Blair.

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Toronto G20 protesters and demonstrators are still before the courts and another one was exonerated Thursday, all charges not guilty

Toronto, Canada – As reported in the Toronto Star  today another innocent man was found not guilty in his illegal arrest at Spadina/Queen in June  2010 at the G20 summit in Toronto.

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As you can see, below, this police officer (‘crazy cop Lady,’  still has not been identified) was a little strung out, angry and aggressive, exactly what  Judge Melvyn Green  said in court Thursday, “The only organized or collective physical aggression at that location that evening was perpetrated by police each time they advanced on demonstrators,”   and he was referring to the “kettling”   of people at Queen/Spadina on Sunday, June 28/2010, in his 29 page judgement.
“Kettling”   is a term used when police surround people completely and move in on all four sides and move closer and closer so no one is allowed to leave. They held these citizens in that area for four hours in a heavy rain storm with no water, no washrooms, and no charges. After the whole episode had been on live local TV they finally released all the people.The Toronto Police Service has said they will no longer use this technique.
UPDATE – August 13/2011 –  Outgoing deputy chief  Tony Warr who retires at the end of the month thinks the public and the media have overreacted to the conditions at the  G20 summit  in Toronto, as reported Saturday in the Toronto Star.

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G20 UPDATE: Kettling (surrounding protesters completely at the G20) was used for the first and last time, June 27/2010

Toronto, CANADA –  The Toronto Star  has reported the Toronto Police Service   has announced  they will not use the technique of  “kettling”    protesters like they did almost a year ago on June 27th at the G20 summit in Toronto. What they did,  protesters were gathered at Spadina/Queen and the police riot squad lines completely surrounded them on all four sides and held them in the rain for almost  four hours without arrest, it was shameful and on LIVE TV.“It is a violation of Section 9 of the Charter, which provides and guarantees the freedom from arbitrary detention,”  said Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.   “It rounds up, detains and prevents from moving large groups of people for which the police have no evidence that they have done anything wrong.” 

Not only is it against the charter of rights, it is against fairness and common sense. It’s like in public school, one kid would act up and the teacher says,  You all are going to stay for a detention unless you come forward and point out the offending student,”  it’s just not right.  There were many things “not right”   at the G20 summit almost a year ago in Toronto and those that are responsible for this terrible situation must be held accountable, it is surely time for an inquest into the actions of the police. Only a few officers have even been charged for assaulting citizens during the summit, and most of the over 1000 that were arrested have had their charges dismissed.

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UPDATE: G20 officer now identified from almost a year ago, ‘Constable Glenn Weddell,’ of Toronto Police Service for assault on protester

UPDATE – June 10/2011 – 4pm – Constable Glenn Weddell (Badge 99944) Toronto Police Service has been charged criminally with assault causing bodily harm in relation to an alleged assault June 2010. He attended SIU headquarters this afternoon around 2pm Friday.
Toronto, CANADA – We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the G20 fiasco in downtown Toronto last June at the G20 summit and finally another police officer has been identified in allegedly assaulting citizen Dorian Barton. This is just on the heals of the investigation into the spending spree that went on while the G20 summit was in Toronto and had a budget of over a $$ billion, but only 600 million was actually spent. However many businesses that were affected and damaged by the rioting that went on downtown, have yet to be compensated.
is investigating the alleged assault on Dorian after he was hit by an unidentified officer until pictures came forward and none of the other officers were able to identify him until recently. Dorian was hauled off to the Torontonomo Bay Detention
Centre  and had an injured arm, without any medical treatment and several bruises. Even the officer that was with Weddell during the summit and bunked with him during the summit were unable to identify him. Is there, or was there the code blue of silence?Announced by the Toronto Star today, Constable Glenn Weddell, of Toronto Police Service is finally being investigated, but he never “knew”they were looking for him?? Yeah .. right.

Dorian Barton assault details

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Toronto Police officer Babak Andalib-Goortani, 30, charged in G20 alleged assault on Adam Nobody.

York Regional officer at protest in Toronto G20

Toronto – December 22/2010 – The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Ontario just laid charges against Babak Andalib-Goortani (of 31 division traffic detail) a Toronto Police Service (TPS) officer for assault with a weapon on Adam Nobody at the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010.

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His actions were captured on a YouTube video during the summit and just recently released to the Toronto Star (Canada’s largest newspaper) and it clearly showed his face but his nametag (badge) had been removed so it was difficult to identify him. He along with other officers are alleged to have beaten Mr. Nobody for no apparent reason and alleged that he had a weapon and was later denounced by Police Chief Bill Blair.

Toronto Police Chief

In a recently released statement from the SIU they said, “There are reasonable grounds to believe that an officer committed a criminal offense in connection with the arrest of Adam Nobody on June 26th,” said SIU director Ian Scott.

Chief Blair had also claimed when the video was released that his “forensic people had checked it and found it to be doctored, and was significantly tampered with and fabricated.” which he later retracted and gave a full apology to Mr. Nobody.

Mr Nobody alleges the officers attacked and beat him and broke his nose and cheekbone and then plain clothes officers took him behind a police van outside the scope of public cameras and beat him again, but no accounts of this beating have been confirmed.

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Officer Andalib-Goortani was also not wearing his nametag during the alleged assault nor was he wearing it when a Global TV crew from Toronto approached him during the events near the 15 foot security fence downtown. Global-Toronto has a video of an interview he had with the reporter and cameraman with gas masks and was told “they are not allowed” and yet the police had them hanging from the sides of their uniforms. The reporters only had them because their employers provided them and they were confiscating masks from protesters and media.

G20 riot squad feet from Police Headquarters

It’s not clear why the police were allowed to have them and not citizens. It was not the protesters who were setting off tear gas, it was clearly the police who shot tear gas near the temporary Detention Centre, dubbed “Torontonomo Bay” by the protesters where over 1000 people were held and then released without charges. Less than 100 people are still facing any charges.

The investigation by the SIU was considered over, a few weeks ago but was reopened once the video surfaced and now they say the same thing, in regard to whether the Adam Nobody case is closed. SIU spokesman Frank Phillips said, “at this point, yes. But this time is the same as the last time. If we get new material evidence then the investigation could be reopened.”

It appears that this whole G20 investigation is far from over and it is unknown whether Andalib-Goortani will turn states witness and identify the other officers responsible for this terrible act. He will attend court on the charges on Jan 24/2011 at College Park courts in Toronto.

Just clowning it up, inches from the faces of riot squad

@dandmb50 – Isn’t it strange that the TPS has several officers asking for input from the public to send in photos and videos of any alleged assaults from the protesters, and yet when they have been looking through these videos and pictures the police never identified the police assaulting the citizens?

Well in fairness, another citizen group did the same thing and their purpose was to identify police officers they felt were abusing the public. They have pics on their site of officers, like the “crazy lady” who has yet to be identified and you can still go there and help find these bad cops who overstepped their authority.

It can be found  HERE it’s called G20 Justice …

It’s the G20 “most wanted cop list of those assaulting the citizens, why did the police not identify their own?

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA

"Crazy lady cop" can you identify her?

A small collage G20

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UPDATE: Toronto G20 summit in June 2010, many questions still unanswered.

UPDATE: March 14/2012 – UPDATE: March 14/2012 – The G20 dabacle is not over yet, as another Toronto Police officer has been named for abusing protesters during the G20 Summit in June 2010 in Toronto. An exlusive UPDATE today in the Toronto Star.

UPDATE – November 4/2010 – Nametags, name badges have become an issue as Toronto Police Service (TPS) Chief Bill Blair attended a House of Commons public safety hearing in Ottawa yesterday and announced that 90 TPS officers will receive, Blair said, “It’s still to be determined but the discussion, I believe, is the loss of a day’s pay.” for making an “individual decision” to remove their name badges.
But why are do they even have Velcro on the nametags, why aren’t they sewn on securely so they don’t come off at anytime no matter where they are. They should have been sewn on permanently from the start when they put nametags on the uniforms.

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Today (Saturday July 10/2010) at Queens Park at 2pm. What happened to the name tags on the police officers? (see below)

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Toronto Star article
UPDATE – July 10/2010 – I did attend and it went off without a hitch but the riot squad was standing by at Queen/Spadina (on the side streets) as the protesters sat down for about 20 minutes at the intersection.
I did find an Inspector (Toronto Police Service) at the protest and asked him about why some officers during the G20 had their name tags blackened out. Check out the Toronto Star article regarding “no identification” on some front line officers. Inspector H. Page said “No comment”
I think that was the whole purpose of the protest today, someone must answer these tough questions before we put the G20 to rest. Was this an individual decision by the front line riot squad or were they instructed that they could take off their name tags by those in charge? That is what we want to know at the very minimum. Read more…

Ferguson, Missouri protests must be over for the, good, decent, honorable, hardworking, kind people of a warm community called Ferguson. Stay home Tuesday, and let the thugs, looters, criminals, go down and protest.


‘RoboCops’ Riot police in Toronto during the G20 in 2010

Toronto, Canada – We experienced this nonsense in the streets at G20 during summer of 2010. Over 500 protesters were arrested and released for no reason.

The good people in Ferguson have protested, now stay home. The only ones to do further protests will be criminals, looters, thugs, and trouble makers.
That will make it easy for the cops to go after the bad people, If and only if, the GOOD, KIND, Decent, hardworking, compassionate and decent citizens stay at home, because your protests have been heard loud and clear across your country and around the world.

Actual looters in Ferguson, Missouri after it gets dark

We agree with the 99.999999% good people in Ferguson, and want them to care about themselves and their families. Fighting the police is not worth it, you will not win, you may die, but if all the good people stay home on Tuesday, that will only leave the others. Please, put an end to this International story of Injustice to the great people of Ferguson, now. God Bless and we shall say a prayer for you tonight.



Toronto cops have 'velcro' nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren't the sewn onto their uniform permanately?

Toronto cops have ‘velcro’ nametags which they take off during and types of riots/disturbances. Why aren’t the sewn onto their uniform permanently?

Many local residents in Ferguson see what is happening now in the town is not much different from the normal. One resident recently said “It’s an unwritten rule in Ferguson and St. Louis that black men do not go out on the street after dark for fear of harassment by the police.”

With all the arrests in Ferguson this past week the most were not from  town, many of the same protesters have been arrested several nights in a row.
And what’s with the police that are acting for security in Ferguson, why do they not have any identification badges on their uniforms in case a citizen wants to report the actions of any police officer? Their appears to be no numbers on their shoulders or no name tag on the uniforms.
Last night an officer patrolling the streets pointed an AR15 rifle at peaceful protesters and said he was going to “kill them” fortunately another officer pulled he away but it was caught on video, and he has been removed from the operation and suspended indefinitely.
The officer was not named but he is from a nearby jurisdiction call St. Anne. When asked his name he said “I’m go fuck yoursel.”

Toronto Police name-tags: Visible or hidden in their pockets. St. Jamestown senior claims no tags on push-in at his home

Toronto Police Service ‘Robo cops’ at the G20

Toronto, Canada – Several years ago the City of Toronto made it mandatory that on duty police must wear their personal name-tags on their uniforms at all times.

If that is the case, why are they attached to the uniforms with velcro, which allows them to be taken off quickly at anytime.

And it seems that is what they did on Sunday, at a senior’s apartment in St Jamestown complex at Wellesley/Sherbourne.

The resident says he opened the door and about seven burly bicycle policemen in uniform pushed their way into his apartment, without a warrant and no velcro name-tags on their uniforms.

Their number patches on their shoulders where also not visible because they had their yellow jackets on without name-tags. When asked, they never told him what they wanted, nor did they show a valid search warrant. One officer (unidentified) went as far to say, “We don’t need a warrant.”

That was Sunday morning, and then today, Monday, October 22/12 the same officers arrived again unidentified and no warrant, and no explanation about why they were there.

Once could be a mistake, but twice, with the same officers, same attitudes, something is wrong. They completed their searches each day and left with nothing. When they first arrived at 10am on Sunday morning they said “they were responding to a noise complaint,” but no charges were laid and there was no problem with noise.

The 61-year-old senior with several medical problems, called the local station and he told the officer who answered what had occurred. The officer asked if he “had problems with police” which is reasonable, but wouldn’t they still need a search warrant? He asked “what should I do” and at no time did the officer tell him to file a formal complaint. He asked if he could “speak to the Sergeant on duty” and she put him through to another general Sergeant voice mailbox, which was indicated full.

What it seems the police are trying to do in St Jamestown is commendable, as it seems they are trying to stop the spread of drugs throughout the community, which this senior supports.

No name-tag not acceptable, we see the velcro

But having his apartment raided by unidentified officers two days in a row and find nothing and offer no explanation or apologies, they have clearly crossed the line and answers are forthcoming.

You can see just above the watermark (DMB) this officer like many others at the G20 Summit in Toronto, had pulled his name-tag off, so they couldn’t be identified.

The big question, why don’t they just sew the name-tags onto their uniforms permanently, so they cannot take them off when they conduct a ‘raid’ without a warrant or explanation.

One officer (unidentified) as he was leaving said, “You shouldn’t have crack heads in your house,” which the senior says, he did not.

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