Aurora, Colorado (near Denver) – Shootout at the Batman premiere in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight showing of the movie. The gunman entered the theatre at the screen level and threw some kind of exploding device into the sold out theatre, with his riot squad helmet and full body armour.

He randomly opened fire on the seated patrons and eight were killed instantly, others died en route to hospital.

Many theatre goers thought it was some gimmick for the opening of the long-awaited Batman film. Shots that were fired passed through the one theatre into the next injuring one patron in the other sold out screening room.

News conference by Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates disclosed more information earlier today.

Hundreds of 911 calls were received at around 12:25 a.m. and 25 police officers were on the scene within a few minutes.

He allegedly entered the theatre through the open back door of the Century 16, it is unknown why it was open. It’s not sure yet if he acted alone.

It was also reported a 3-4 month old toddler was caught around the gunfire, but is safe and uninjured. What was a toddler doing at a movie theatre at 12 midnight?

The suspect, James Egan Holmes, 24,  has been arrested and police went to his apartment early this morning. It was determined his house was booby trapped with explosives and the immediate area has been evacuated while police investigate. It is suspected by the police that there may still be suspects out there, they want to talk to, since it is unlikely it was done only by Holmes in this sophisticated shootout. Holmes is originally from San Diego but has lived in the Aurora area for a few years.

It was reported that Holmes was carrying one long gun and two handguns and wearing full body armour.

The whole incident occurred just after midnight at the Century 16 movie theatre, and many of the injured have been treated for shotgun blasts. The first person arriving at the hospital was taken by private car until EMS and police arrived on the scene.

Holmes’ mother was contacted in San Diego and said, ‘You Have the Right Person.”

Jessica Ghawi (Redfield,) one of the young women killed in the theatre shooting, was in the Eaton Centre last month in Toronto and escaped without injury, only to die in Aurora, Colorado.

News report about Jessica CLICK HERE.

LIVE coverage can be viewed HERE at NBC 9News

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