Toronto, Canada – Shots rang out in the basement food court at Toronto Eaton Centre in downtown June 2/2012, one is dead and seven injured. The shooter is still at large, but with all the cameras in and around the mall, it won’t be long before they are identified. Police seem to know who may have committed this terrible crime, but are withholding any information about the alleged suspect. This occurred at 6:30pm Saturday night with hundreds in the mall.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – What a small world, a young women who escaped safely from the Eaton Centre terror, was killed in the shootout in Aurora, Colorado today at the movie theatre. Her boyfriend Jay Meloff, who is a minor league hockey player lives in the Greater Toronto Area, and they were visiting the food court at Eaton Centre, minutes before the shootout.

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This brings back memories of the terrible fatal shooting of  15-year-old Jane Creba on Yonge Street not far from the Eaton Centre on Boxing Day 2005.

In the shooting Saturday night a 25-year-old man was killed (name not disclosed) and a 13-year-old boy is in critical condition at hospital, along with six others. It occurred in the food court while the mall was packed with shoppers, and the people were evacuated immediately.

One pregnant women was knocked over as the crowd rushed from the mall and went into labor, however did not deliver the baby.

There are people running around with guns in our city. Maybe it’s time for us to bring in the NYC law where police are allowed to do ‘Stop-and- Frisk’ which is very controversial, but needed to stop these hooligans from walking our streets with loaded guns.

Even if one gun is found, it is worth it to save our citizens. The NYC law allows any police officer to stop anyone and search them for any reason, to see if they are carrying a gun.

The mall is closed today for further investigation, and unknown when it will re-open.

Jessica Ghawi (Redfield, 24) was visiting Toronto from Texas, during this terrible shooting, and had just left the food court at the Eaton Centre just minutes before the gun fire opened. She escaped with her life, and yet today she was killed in the horrible shooting at the Century 16 Theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

Twelve people were killed and over 70 shot as they watched the Batman movie, Dark Night Rises at 12:30 pm this morning. God bless her family, she will be greatly missed.

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