Colorado, USA – The 6000 armed/full body armoured shooter in the slaughter yesterday at Century 16 Theatre in Aurora, Colorado, 12 dead over 30 injured, does the main stream media have a part in this tragedy?

It was just wall to wall coverage all day on TV, radio, and in the newspapers, as incorrect information leaked out from the internet as well.

At the 7 pm (MST) news conference by Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, you could tell by watching, Chief Oates was clearly trying to stay away from talking about the suspect, or giving any info about him. The media questions, concentrated on the suspect instead of the survivors, and it seemed like for the first time in a mass shooting, they wanted to keep the suspects name forgotten, not glorify this evil, mentally ill man.

The next news conference will be at 2pm (MST) 4 pm (EST) Saturday.

I think this is a good start, but it will never last?

One news media outlet says, “They will not mention the suspects name,” but we all know everyone will be looking to find out more about him.

And with the internet, you can find anything you want, it will not become the norm, sadly. The media are usually asking the questions that the public want to know, and that’s why they zero in on the suspect.

There was an interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan last night, where he interviewed the two parents, (Jamie Rohrs and Patricia Legarreta) that took their toddler to the movie premiere. The first question he asked, which twitter followers wanted to know, was, “Why did you take your toddler to a midnight movie.” He quickly stepped past that and asked them questions about how they escaped alive. The interview was very compelling and touching and I’m sure CNN will be showing it again this weekend, don’t miss it.

While watching their replies, especially the young man, it appeared he was suffering from PTSD while he was emotional and cried nearly throughout the entire interview. The horror of how to get out of the theatre and save his family. They experience it for about three minutes, our militaries experience it all day, everyday they are deployed in combat regions around the world.

It reminded me this was almost like what the military experience everyday in wars around the world, and some wonder why military are coming home in such bad shape.

Even the Chief of Police of Aurora, Dan Oates, had problems when he talked about what his officers had seen in the movie theatre, after the slaughter.

I agree, we must stop glorifying these few people who do such horrendous acts to put fear in the public, and the main stream media just laps it up. Can all media stop reporting the history, and names of these nut jobs, not likely?

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