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Don Cherry, Coach’s Corner, ‘I believe Women shouldn’t be in male dressing rooms’ Cherry can’t stay away from controversy

The topic came up on Coach’s Corner last night about women reporters in male sports locker-rooms because of a situation last week when defenceman Duncan Keith of the Chicago Black Hawks made a comment to a women reporter in Vancouver. Other male reporters were suggesting that Keith was being sexist towards Team 1040 reporter Karen Thomson just after their lose to the Canucks at Rexall Place.

Don Cherry always has an opinion


As you can see in this tweet, Ron MacLean was not in complete agreement with Cherry. Cherry went on to say, “Equal opportunity, then why aren’t men in women’s dressing rooms?”

To which it came up about the players walking around naked and MacLean didn’t think that would be a good idea for men to be in women’s locker-rooms.

My belief is women shouldn’t even be commentators on male sports broadcasts and yes, I’m in agreement with Cherry. Is that politically correct, no. But it is my belief and they should keep women out of men’s locker rooms, period. There are plenty of women’s sports that need women to cover, and let’s keep them separate.

Was Duncan Keith sexist, not at all. He had just lost a game 3-1, and a women reporter asked if he thought a penalty should be called. All he said was, “We should get you as a ref, maybe, eh?” That does not seem like a sexist remark to me.

Let us know what you think of the controversy?


Circumcision for boys, yea or nay, many disagree, some agree, Religious groups insist

Some religious traditions ‘insist’ circumcision on all male boys at birth, is in the news again and the The American Academy of Pediatrics (Chicago) has said they think the procedure is necessary to protect boys from other infections. They also say “The benefits outweigh the risks.”

Researchers have found and said “circumcision lowers the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, genital herpes, human papillomavirus and syphilis.”

There is little, to no evidence of this statement. Many men say that it changes the feelings during vaginal sex, with reports from men who underwent circumcision as adults.

It is commonly a practise employed by religious groups for all Muslim and Jewish boys at birth, where they cut off the foreskin at the end of the penis.

Not all agree with this ‘mutilation’ of the boys and it could cause severe pain. In Jewish circles it is done without any antiseptic, by Rabbi’s,  Mohl,  yet many doctors in North America regularly use some form of pain medication during the procedure.

There are widespread theories of what is best for the child, and parents must make an informed decision before they go ahead with this very common practise.

In most cases, if the father is circumcised, they will do it to their male offspring and vice-versa.

The American Medical programs are thinking of de-funding the practise to save money, but parents must make the final decision based on their knowledge and for religious reasons. Could the trauma of this procedure affect the child later in life?

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99th annual – Le Tour de France 2012: ‘The greatest sporting event in the world’

Foix, France – The event started in 1903 and this bike race across France has drawn competitors from around the world and this three-week race is half way through, ending July 22/2012 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Yesterday was the 14th stage of 20, the race which goes through the mountains, cities and towns of France, the 99th, a total of 3,497km (just over 2100 miles.)

A mishap occurred yesterday that has not happened since the 1920’s when it was disclosed that a spectator may have thrown carpet tacks on the roadway near the top of one of the mountains. Several racers encountered flat tires which happens occasionally, but not 10 within five minutes.

The whole race is being covered by NBC Sports and can also be viewed LIVE on TSN2 in Canada early each day. Not only are the racers incredible, the scenic parts of France are a beautiful site through all the small towns scattered throughout the country.

The dedication and endurance of all the nearly 200 racers is astounding and after 14 stages about 35 have had to drop out due to serious injuries on the 99th annual road race.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,  丹尼尔
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Daniel … Toronto, Canada
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Vancouver loses Stanley Cup finals, riots, fires, stabbings, looting downtown. Black eye on Vancouver again, 17 years later

Vancouver, CANADA Vancouver Canucks lost the NHL Stanley Cup final game to Boston Bruins and after the game serious fires were lit and all kinds of looting downtown while police try to disperse the crowd with tear gas. Although a very few may be responsible for the violence the bottom line is it affects the whole city of Vancouver and isn’t great for welcoming visitors, especially if they are from Boston.

Vancouver’s mayor said it was a few bad apples and yet watching the local news it looked like young men who thought it was fun while they laughed and took tons of cell phone pictures. A snitch facebook page has already been created to post your pictures and tag them if you recognize anyone doing criminal activity. Very sad indeed and this could go on all night.

It was reported that there were over 100,000 people downtown cheering on the Canucks but after the game the mob mentality grew as people joined in and started throwing everything and anything at the police and setting fires and tipping cars. All downtown transit was cancelled and bridges to the city were closed to prevent more people from entering the downtown core.

It surprised me to see there was not enough officers to control the situation and what really amazed me was that there were police without any type of protective head gear, what were they thinking. And all of this happened 17 years ago and still they were not prepared? What was the deal with the police dogs, were they searching for something or were the police using them to intimidate the crowd? There was a guy in a blue shirt on some stairs confronting the police for about 15 minutes on the local LIVE TV news and the police held back, but did they finally arrest him.

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
My take on everything

We get the best of both worlds, Olympic TV coverage in Canada.

We are so lucky in Canada we get all the coverage on many different networks. With CTV (Canadian Television Network) they also own TSN (The Sports Network) and are also partnered with Sports Net and then we also get the NBC feed. So if curling (yuk) is on one station we can change to one of the others.

I really love all the coverage that is coming in on all networks but what really annoys me is that NBC  feed, they do not tell the viewer when they are watching a “recorded earlier tape” they show it as if it is live. On CTV they always say if it is “LIVE” or recorder earlier. Why is that? Are they just coning the American viewer and they don’t care?

On the CTV network they have way too many commercials and they are even running free ads that tell us that it is on CTV, we already know that we are watching CTV. The CTV network has complained they are losing revenue because cable companies are “stealing”  their signal and not paying for it but they run free ads congratulating their own network instead of selling advertising. I don’t get it, are they trying to go broke?

I’m looking forward to the Hockey tonight the USA and Canada should be a great game.

Go Canada go……..

Daniel ……. Toronto

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