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Colorado Theatre Shooting NBC 9NEWS report

Outrage: Scaffolding accident from 2009, 4 migrant workers fall to death in Toronto, operators fined just $200,000

Toronto, Canada – A Toronto company Metron Construction plead guilty for the deaths of four migrant workers who fell to their deaths from a faulty scaffold on Christmas Eve,  2009.

One worker, Dilshod Marupov survived and is still recovering from the 13 floor fall.

Yesterday they were fined $200,000 and although the owner Joel Swartz, 53, had pleaded guilty, his charges were dismissed. Swartz was charged with two other company executives with criminal negligence causing death back in early October 2010. A video of the charges being laid can be seen HERE.

It was the first time an owner had been charged in the deaths of workers in Ontario with a criminal offence while they were on a construction site.

It was reported in the Vancouver Sun.

The company was expected to get up to a $ million fine and the fine that was assessed appears to be very lenient. The fact that Swartz did not go to jail, is astounding for their negligence.

Four people’s lives are only worth $50,000 each? It’s shameful, and why is there not more of a upraor from the public?

Joel Swartz owner of Metron Construction avoids jail, and why?

So many questions, no answers.

UPDATE: In a statement by Jeol Swatz you can see how he is trying to muddy the waters and blame it on the workers for not putting the safety belt on while they finish their work for the day on Christmas Eve.

I’m not buying it, Swartz should have gone to jail for this criminal action, even though he tries to blame it on the owner of the swing stage, where the workers fell to their deaths 13 floors.

“Swartz was also sentenced to pay $90,000 for the four charges under the province’s Occupational Health and Safety Act in the four deaths.”

“The company and Swartz were also ordered to pay a victim surcharge totalling $52,500 — bringing the total fines to $342,500.”

Let’s never forget these young migrant workers who tragically died from a preventable accident if the rules were followed, Fayzullo Fazilov, Aleksey Blumberg, Alexander Bondorev, and Vladimir Korostin.

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NEW UPDATE: Cruise Ship ‘Costa Concordia’ currently poised on a rock near shore, pending storm, may prey it loose and sink to the bottom

(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – UPDATE: Many updates today of Costa Concordia ship ran around last Friday and now there is a fear it may fall off the rock it is sitting on 200 feet above the sea bead. If it comes loose with a pending storm approaching, it could fall to the bottom with the 500,000 gallons of fuel, and they can only withstand the pressure of 60 feet below the surface.
It appears an environmental disaster is within sight and the government has placed oil/fuel booms around the shoreline, but will that help.

Rescue efforts have currently been suspended with the onslaught of a heavy storm and the fact that the ship has been moving the last few days, putting the rescue teams in peril.

If the ship falls off the rock and falls 200 feet to sea bottom, there is a fear that the 17 gas tanks could implode, causing an even worse situation.

Captain Francesco Schettino dubbed ‘Chicken of the Sea’ who is still under house arrest has returned to his home in Italy and found “spray painting” on the outside of his house. Everyone around the world would suspect it was negative but indeed some people are regarding him as a hero, if you can believe it.

We must admit we have not heard his side of the story, other than “I tripped and fell into the lifeboat.”  but he is still considered innocent until he is convicted.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

UPDATE: Casey Anthony murder trial – Going to the JURY – Will she be found innocent or guilty, or lesser charge?

ORLANDO, Florida – No matter what the outcome of this murder trial, it has been one of the most interesting murder trials I can remember, maybe next to the O.J. Simpson trial. In the OJ trial there didn’t appear to be any reasonable doubt, and yet he was acquitted for the murder of his wife and boyfriend in 1995.

This trial is much different, there is no cause of death, no one saw Caylee Anthony die, no one saw Casey Anthony kill Caylee, and if not all evidence, most evidence is circumstantial. Is it tragic, you bet, a beautiful young two year old toddler dies in the woods, wrapped in garbage bags, with allegedly having duct tape on her skeletal remains, which the prosecution has not proved conclusively. And where did the duct tape come from, and who had access to it? It appears it was in the Anthony home and the whole family had access to it. Why is the duct tape important, because the prosecution suggested in their theory, that the duct tape was the murder weapon, but no one was brought on the stand to say who put the duct tape on the body of Caylee.

I have always understood that it is the job of the prosecution to prove their case, and in my opinion, I do not believe they have done so. In fact there is all kinds of reasonable doubt, and if there is doubt, by one juror, it would be a “hung jury”   which means a new trial would be required if the prosecution thinks they can prove the case in another trial.

One of the big stumbling blocks of this trial has been that the defense said in their opening statement, This was an accident and Caylee drowned in the swimming pool,”   but the problem is, Jose Baez, the defense attorney, never proved it. The defense is NOT required to prove anything, that is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove the case.

So what do you think the jury will do? We all love polls, this is an unscientific poll below.

To read more about my thoughts/opinions on this trial   CLICK HERE.

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Toronto Restaurants

UPDATE: Casey Anthony trial – Day9 – Evidence entered and numbered most of the day – more jailhouse videos

Orlando, Florida – Most of the morning was spent showing more of the jailhouse videos showing Casey continuing to lie, and wondering why no one is thinking of her, and the fact she is the victim.

Why is the prosecution showing these jailhouse videos for two days straight?  When you have no REAL evidence, attack the defendant. If they have evidence, why are they not putting it forward, upfront? The answer: if you have no evidence, demonize, ridicule the defendant, make them look as bad as possible, and since they don’t know if she will take the stand, this makes the jury remember her, as a bad person.

Lead CSI Investigator Gerardo Bloise (pictured below) of the Orlando Sheriff’s Office (OSO) an ex-police officer working at the OSO for over 15 years. He also has smelled human decomposition more than 30-45 times and when he opened Casey’s car to document the contents which he presented in court today, he recognized the smell “you never forget in a lifetime.” There is some evidence of Casey putting dryer sheets in the car to take away the smell, and spraying the car with Febreeze to counter the smell. It has still not been proved that anyone else had access to the car, but it was pointed out that George Anthony had an extra set of keys, which he used when he picked up the car at the tow yard.

Why is the prosecution pursuing the smell of a dead body in Casey’s car with several witnesses, when the defense could bypassed that by just acknowledging the fact that they agree to the smell in the car based on their statement that the baby died in the backyard pool.

“I need to be looked at as a victim, and I’m just as much a victim as the rest of you,” Casey said, wow, that’s a stretch, knowing that she killed Caylee or that she downed in a pool and she never disclosed that fact, either way, she is not a victim. At least not until we hear from her on the stand. (jialhouse video 2008)

Bloise also indicated today that the gas gauge showed the car was not empty, but then defense attorney, Jose Baez challenged that by asking if the car was driven to see if it was out of gas or maybe the gas gauge was just broken. He also gave testimony that there were no dead animals under the carriage of the car, and took several days to complete a full examination of the vehicle.

There was an objection from the prosecution late this afternoon when Baez tried to ask if Bloise did a full/complete examination of the car when the defense renowned CSI inspector Henry Lee found more human hairs after Bloise had finished his work on the vehicle.

Many were wondering if the items tagged today from the car, tire covering and carpet from the trunk, had the smell of death on them, but it was disclosed that the smell had gone away. It was also suggested that the prosecution have a can with the smell of human decomposition in it, and they may request to have the jury smell the contents. Hope not.

The trial continues tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am – 1pm (EST), on HLN (check your local listings) at 9am or can be viewed online streaming HERE on WFTV in Orlando, while the trial is in session.

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Are plastic garbage bags obsolete in Toronto? Toronto’s 5 cent bag ‘Fee, tax,’ are you running out of bags?

UPDATE – May 9/2011 – Toronto, CANADA Toronto recently started charging five cents for plastic carry bags and we are all running out of garbage bags for our trash. I think I may have a solution to this dilemma. (below)

It’s the opposite of what it use to be, we had plastic bags coming out of ears, but now with the five cent “TAX” to preserve the environment, (because plastic bags do not decompose in landfills”) we now bring our own carry bags. What happened to the old system of “plastic or paper” years ago when they introduced plastic bags. We were given a choice. But now that they have banned plastic carry bags we are forced to bring our own, and yet the stores never started using paper bags, why not?

And where does this five cent “TAX” go, in the pocket of the vendor? Some large chains are being responsible and donate these fees to charitable groups like (World Wildlife Fund – WWF) but there is no requirement under the current law. So what happens, is many of the corner stores are just adding this “FEE, TAX” to their bottom line. ($500 to $1000 per month?)

Our solution, is to have two garbage containers in your kitchen. (see photo left) One for wet waste and a small plastic garbage container for dry items, boxes, wrappers or anything that is not wet. This actually works, and we have noticed that our “wet” garbage has decreased considerably, and we just carry the dry garbage out to the re-cycle bin.
The Toronto Star did an expose on “where the five cents is going” back in January 2010 which you might find interesting, as well and still to this day there is no real plan where the money is going, mostly into the pockets of retailers. The NEW bag fee (bylaw) went into effect back in June 2009 and we’re coming up to three years of this TAX/Fee grab and still no real answers. The new Mayor Of Toronto Rob Ford has said on many occasions that he wants to ban this practice but so far has done nothing. It is a noble cause, but talk about nickle and dimeing the public, this is one of the best.
Let us know your thoughts, and if you agree click the “like” button or share.

UPDATE – December 31/2010 The new Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has put plastic bag charges on his hit list for the new year, and rightly so. The bad part about it all is the “fees” go to the store owners and there is no rules as to what they are suppose to do with the money.
And why did stores not resort back to paper bags when they started charging for plastic? Because they didn’t have to and why should they when they are making so much “FREE” money thanks to Miller. The Toronto Star spoke about it HERE.
Does anyone remember the old saying at the grocery store “paper or plastic”.

Now that it is a law that stores charge five cents (which is 6 cents with HST) for the purchase of a plastic bag, where will the “garbage bags” come from for homes? The principle is valid, but if the public does not get the bags from the local stores when they buy groceries where are they to get them? They will have to go back to the store and buy boxes of plastic bags, which does nothing for the environment, because they are still using plastic bags.
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