I’m all for inclusion, and we have seen it for many years, sign language (ASL) of political speeches, but tonight was a first for me.

‘Signing (ASL)’ the anthems at New Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils have a women performing sign language for the ‘singing’ of the National Anthems.

Is that really necessary, since I thought most people know the words of their National Anthems.

It’s possible the New Jersey Devils received a lot of calls, I mean texts, from the hearing impaired community.

UPDATE: If you missed Don Cherry on Coaches Corner last week, they started off this weeks segment with the kiss on the cheek of points leader of the Leafs, Nasem Kadri in Ottawa. (YouTube below)

Don Cherry of HNIC fameCherry was on his rant again about the touch icing not being addressed in the NHL. This is where one team sends the puck the length of the ice and icing is not called until the receiving team touches the puck.

This causes both players to race to touch the puck first and in many cases can be career ending resulting from these chases into the end boards.

Cherry has always maintained this problem could be resolved if they just blow the whistle when the puck crosses the end goal line, but the NHL thinks the way it is, creates ‘excitement’ in the game, yeah right real excitement.

NHL thinks this is sooo exciting, not fans, except for serious injuries to players

Oh just a footnote, the Leafs beat the Devils, in New Jersey Satiurday night, 2-1.

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