TTC University subway line was closed Sunday for upgrades, buses replaced subway, but was it over staffed when TTC say they have no money?

The closure of the University line was widely announced through the media for weeks but the management at TTC felt it was necessary to have way too many buses and staff to handle the few passengers on the route. Several of the drivers and staff associated with the closure were on overtime, and there were many workers all along the shuttle bus line, directing the few passengers.

At a time when the TTC maintain they are constantly needing money to run the system.

Are they managing the system correctly and efficiently, and using our money the right way? I don’t think so. From what I saw Sunday, there were an awful lot of empty buses running up/down University Avenue and they had paid duty cops along the route, giving buses the right of way, which is an additional cost to the TTC.

It was announced by the TTC they are upgrading the signals along the University line since the signalling system is over 50 years old. They say the upgrade will allow trains to run closer together and thus improve service.

To get a look at the TTC track cleaning train, check it out HERE.

The TTC is an efficient service and one we can be proud of, but when they mismanage the system as they have done on the University line shuttle buses is that making it efficient and worthy?