On Coaches Corner Saturday night Don Cherry said he’s okay with players wearing visors as Patrick Kane on the left of Chicago Blackhawks.

But was he told by higher-ups in HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) that he had to change his view on visors? Since many times before he has complimented players who do not wear visors, as “look at him no visor” as if a player not wearing a visor is some sort of ‘real man’ which is very far from the truth.

Below you can see what Cherry had to say in 2011, about visors which got him into trouble again, and his dislike for Europeans and French Canadians.

Is this what a ‘real man’ looks like?

Cherry always speaks his mind, at least when he is told to change it. He’s a good broadcaster and we like him, but over the years he has been told to stop certain things and he complies. Many years ago he was a heavily against European players in the NHL and it seems he has conceded that, and now encourages Canadian and Toronto players when he gets the chance.

Players you are willing to take advice from this guy?

It’s been reported that about 75% of NHL players wear visors and the ones that do not are,  ‘real men?’

I don’t think so, they are wrongly following  the lead of Don Cherry, and in the worst case scenario could very easily lose an eye.  If they do, they could end their career, and would be sorry to admit it.

The simple answer to this problem, is make it mandatory for anyone coming from the minors to wear a visor since all players are now required to wear visors in the minor junior leagues. They have worn face protection since they were tykes.

Check out some of the other postings about what Don Cherry has had to say,    just click HERE.

For some very strange reason people, players, reporters think getting hit in the eye is a joke, and funny. It’s very far from that and could be career ending. I just don’t understand what is funny about getting hit in the eye, when you have the ability to prevent it with a piece of very efficient equipment called a visor. Below you will see the interview of Chris Pronger who received such an injury, which could have been 100% preventable.

Player protection number one

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