Carnival Cruise ship Triumph is floating off the coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, with no power, and being towed to shore by tug boats since Monday.

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The cruise left Galveston, Texas on February 7th and is expected to arrive in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday.

As you can see one of life’s pleasures, charging cell phones was at a premium.

Passengers unplugged ATM machines and gathered extensions to charge their smart phones.

Carnival Triumph guests disembark safely in Alabama – Notice the ‘red restroom bags’

Latest UPDATE: Ship is on its way to Mobile, Alabama and will  arrive sometime tonight around 11-12, with 4200 passengers and crew, it is expected to take about four hours for everyone to disembark.

Passengers have praised the crew for all their help while they are coping with many of the same problems.

Even though power was very limited, it seems the ship had power for the ATM machines.

The ship had a fire in the engine room and lost most power, especially to the elevators and the toilet system.

Many have reported it is difficult to find working toilets, and most have been advised to use ‘red bags’ for their restroom.

Emergency lighting was still working but there is no air conditioning throughout the ship and most passengers are sleeping on the main deck, for a little cooling breeze from the ocean.

Food is very limited and many passengers are eating onion sandwiches, and many are hoarding food, since there is very little.

We can only imagine how terrible it is on the ship with raw sewage streaming throughout the ship, down the corridors and through the showers. It will be interesting to see what pictures surface after the ship returns to shore.

Carnival Cruise Lines have announced today they will refund the cost of the cruise for all passengers. They have also offered a credit for any future cruises and $500 cash?

Wonder how many will take them up on that offer, or will they sue?

What about the health consequences that may occur from the constant exposure and contact with the raw sewage since Monday?

Will anyone ever take a cruise again?

When will they get it?

What has to happen before people realize it is very dangerous and unhealthy.

There was much talk about the employees of the Carnival Triumph cruise and how well they adapted to the situation, and gave the guests that extra service that was above and beyond.

If any employees wish to give their side of the story anonymously, we would be very happy to hear from you how it went for you. If you are in the continental United States we would love to hear from you.

We would also love to hear some stories from the passengers as well, how you coped with the ‘cruise’ and what you have to say about Carnival Cruises.

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