The young boy was helping his father clear the snow piled around his car. It was getting cold and the boy asked if he could get in the vehicle and warm up, but the rear of the car was not cleared of all the snow and it had blocked the exhaust.

Meanwhile a local Hartford, Connecticut TV station set-up a time-lapse camera to catch the snowfall during the storm.

Big dig out after storm in Boston, where many took hours to reach their vehicles

The Boston area received three feet of snow but luckily in Toronto it was only about a foot.

Metric conversion

For some reason in Canada we are using metric measurement and they always give us the snowfall in centimetres, which is about 30cm in metric. However when they are looking for a murder/assault suspect they always report the measurements in feet and inches, why is that?

I think the media like the cm for snow, because it sounds like a larger amount. If it’s 20cm that sounds bigger than 6 inches.