Toronto Police Service ‘Robo cops’ at the G20

Toronto, Canada – Several years ago the City of Toronto made it mandatory that on duty police must wear their personal name-tags on their uniforms at all times.

If that is the case, why are they attached to the uniforms with velcro, which allows them to be taken off quickly at anytime.

And it seems that is what they did on Sunday, at a senior’s apartment in St Jamestown complex at Wellesley/Sherbourne.

The resident says he opened the door and about seven burly bicycle policemen in uniform pushed their way into his apartment, without a warrant and no velcro name-tags on their uniforms.

Their number patches on their shoulders where also not visible because they had their yellow jackets on without name-tags. When asked, they never told him what they wanted, nor did they show a valid search warrant. One officer (unidentified) went as far to say, “We don’t need a warrant.”

That was Sunday morning, and then today, Monday, October 22/12 the same officers arrived again unidentified and no warrant, and no explanation about why they were there.

Once could be a mistake, but twice, with the same officers, same attitudes, something is wrong. They completed their searches each day and left with nothing. When they first arrived at 10am on Sunday morning they said “they were responding to a noise complaint,” but no charges were laid and there was no problem with noise.

The 61-year-old senior with several medical problems, called the local station and he told the officer who answered what had occurred. The officer asked if he “had problems with police” which is reasonable, but wouldn’t they still need a search warrant? He asked “what should I do” and at no time did the officer tell him to file a formal complaint. He asked if he could “speak to the Sergeant on duty” and she put him through to another general Sergeant voice mailbox, which was indicated full.

What it seems the police are trying to do in St Jamestown is commendable, as it seems they are trying to stop the spread of drugs throughout the community, which this senior supports.

No name-tag not acceptable, we see the velcro

But having his apartment raided by unidentified officers two days in a row and find nothing and offer no explanation or apologies, they have clearly crossed the line and answers are forthcoming.

You can see just above the watermark (DMB) this officer like many others at the G20 Summit in Toronto, had pulled his name-tag off, so they couldn’t be identified.

The big question, why don’t they just sew the name-tags onto their uniforms permanently, so they cannot take them off when they conduct a ‘raid’ without a warrant or explanation.

One officer (unidentified) as he was leaving said, “You shouldn’t have crack heads in your house,” which the senior says, he did not.

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