Dylan Kuhn handed a 90 day sentence

Dolores, Colorado – Dylan Kuhn, 19, received a meager sentence of 90 days in prison for killing his daughter after he plead guilty to manslaughter. A 911 call was received, saying a child was not breathing, but on arrival the six months old child,

Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn

Sailor Serenity Kuhn was dead. The father originally said she had fallen from the bed and hit her head on the floor. At the time he was entertaining friends and drinking and using drugs while his girlfriend had gone to work.

This was back in November 2011, and it was overlooked until a forensic autopsy report indicated the child had “subdural hematomas and hemorrhaging in her optic nerve sheath which was a recent injury.” A medical examiner determined the baby’s injuries were “consistent with a baby being slammed against a soft but unyielding surface similar to that of a firm mattress,” the affidavit states.

Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn – gone forever only 6 mths

Meanwhile and prior to this weeks sentencing, Kuhn had been charged with another horrendous crime, drinking and driving.

The crown attorney (Russell Wasley) and the defense worked out a plea deal, that would allow the Judge to give him up to four years in jail for Sailor’s death, and would withdraw the DUI. Not bad enough that he admitted to killing his own daughter, he could have killed others by driving while impaired.

District Court Judge Douglas Walker decided on 90 days in prison, four years probation and a parenting class in lieu of a harsher penalty because he did not wish time behind bars to harden the guilty teen.

‘I am giving you the opportunity. Make the best of this opportunity, if nothing else, to honor your daughter’s memory,’ Judge Walker told Kuhn at his sentencing on Tuesday, according to the Cortez Journal.

The crown Russell Wasley was not as pleased and had recommended the full sentence of four years, but was overruled by Judge Walker.

Judge Douglas Walker – 90 day sentence shameful

Many groups are horrified about this sentence and have started on online petition to have Judge Walker removed from the bench for the light sentence he handed down this week.

The even stranger part of all this, his girlfriend/mother (April Coleman, 19)  has supported him from the beginning, and feels he just made a mistake.

When he was sentenced he cried openly in court and said he was told he wasn’t old enough to be a father, and said they were right.

Child activist groups are outraged by the sentence and said, ‘It’s disturbing to see a judge sentence someone who admits causing a child’s death to a sentence you see in misdemeanor cases, reckless driving cases,’ Stephanie Villafuerte, executive director of the Denver-based Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, said to the Denver Post.

And because of jails being full, he may be out within weeks.

Pedro Navarro killer

In another toddler killing in Michigan from 2005, Pedro Navarro was sentenced on Tuesday, September 12/12 to life without parole for the killing of 2-year-old Aiyana Cisneros.

At this point the only answer for Kuhn is for the prosecutor to appeal the sentence to the supreme court to give justice to young Sailor Serenity Kuhn.

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