Brooklyn, New York – Not the first and not the last shoplifter in New York but David Golson, 29, didn’t count on store employees to grab him and hold him for police.

Crime of the century, NOT, but this past Wednesday around 11pm Golson was spotted by video allegedly stealing one ‘snickers bar’ and promptly surrounded by 7-11 employees and wrestled to the ground. 7-Eleven policy is not to intervene in any shoplifting offences and such one employee was fired and two others sent to re-training.

He denied stealing anything but was heard (Video) to say, ” I don’t have nothin else, it was just a box.’ said Golson.

If convicted, it’s not the crime he will have to deal with, it will be the embarrassment of the video that everyone has seen.

Don’t ever attempt to steal anything in 7-Elevens high security stores especially at night, especially in New York.

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