South of the Border, USA – It was just announced by Comcast in the United States, they are reducing the amount of bandwidth (what is bandwidth) allowed to their customers for uploading/downloading on the internet.

When you sign up for internet, or a TV package you are allowed a certain amount of bandwidth for your internet searches and watching videos, playing games etc.

It seems USA internet/TV carriers offer around 300GB of downloads/uploads per month and we get a measly 25GB per month with FibeTV. It’s not even close, and if they go over the 250GB it’s an extra $10 per 50GB when you go over the limit, with Comcast.

Bell FibeTV offers larger packages, but they cost more, but 25GB (standard) compared to 250GB is a big difference, is Bell just ripping us off, bigtime?

Just to give you an idea, if you were to watch a full movie online, that counts towards your monthly limit in Canada, it would be about 2-3GB per movie.

Bell FibeTV have recently been adding special features to their TV side of the packages, like Facebook, twitter and other apps. They do say you are charged bandwidth, towards your monthly limit,  when you use them, but it seems very sneaky. Do people really pay attention to those warning, do your kids?

This bandwidth thingy is just a cash cow for Bell and the other providers and probably doesn’t cost them anything, it’s just a way for them to generate revenue since hardly anyone has phone service with them anymore.

How is it that carriers in the USA get 300GB per month and we sit back and take getting 25GB per month and say nothing?

Be sure to ask any carrier in Canada, how much bandwidth they allow with your package for internet and TV. Don’t get ripped off, shop around and ask the tough questions.

Do you remember when Verizon in the USA tried to put controls on the talk time on ‘unlimited‘ cell calling, there was a huge uproar from their customers and they changed their minds.

Now carriers for cell service in the USA are calling their packages ‘truly unlimited’  if you can believe it. It’s just plain stupid, it’s like calling a parking space ‘reserved’ and then near the doors they have other spots that say, ‘strictly reserved.’

Unlimited is unlimited, and reserved is reserved.

And if we sit back and take it they will squeeze every nickel they can get out of us unless we stand up and say, we aren’t going to take it anymore.

A Canadian carrier called TekSavvy offers truly unlimited internet but if you have Bell FibeTV you cannot get just the TV connection, you must buy it with their internet as well. Although Bell FibeTV does allow you to cancel the phone in the package.

Well I’m sure the little old lady in rural Northern Ontario still has a phone that’s she is still paying a monthly fee of $6.95 rental on her Bell phone for the past 40 years and no-one told her she can buy one.

Be sure to read my other reports about Bell FibeTV and the problems we incurred from day one, and shop around and ask the tough questions before you sign up.

Many would ask, “If you don’t like it why have you stayed with Bell FibeTV for almost two years,” true, but it is one of the best services I have ever seen, when it is working properly.

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