Toronto, Canada – The people voted Rob Ford into office, and since he arrived has been under fire for all kinds of things. His latest stubbornness has been his action where he sent out City of Toronto letterhead requesting funding for his amateur football team of $3,150. That was wrong.

He is Toronto’s 64th mayor and voted into office in 2010.

He then went on to vote on the ‘conflict-of-interest’  before city council and the Ford haters have come forward and want his removal from office.

He has been ordered to attend court next Wednesday, and answer to questions that will be asked by the plaintiffs lawyer Clayton Ruby. Ruby is suggesting that Ford has ‘lied’ many times on his route to City Hall.

Mayor Ford has not been a fan of The Toronto Star from the beginning and have wanted him removed since he was elected by the people of Toronto. They never seem to let up on him, at every turn, read some of their ARTICLES HERE.

UPDATE: Ford spoke about his fishing trip with Prime Minister Harper in Quebec and answered some questions about his upcoming hearing, you can listen HERE on CFRB.

Ford did admit to Jim Richards on CFRB, that he does read The Star, despite their campaign against him, but just the sports section.

Or you can watch him on CFRB, HERE.

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