Some religious traditions ‘insist’ circumcision on all male boys at birth, is in the news again and the The American Academy of Pediatrics (Chicago) has said they think the procedure is necessary to protect boys from other infections. They also say “The benefits outweigh the risks.”

Researchers have found and said “circumcision lowers the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, genital herpes, human papillomavirus and syphilis.”

There is little, to no evidence of this statement. Many men say that it changes the feelings during vaginal sex, with reports from men who underwent circumcision as adults.

It is commonly a practise employed by religious groups for all Muslim and Jewish boys at birth, where they cut off the foreskin at the end of the penis.

Not all agree with this ‘mutilation’ of the boys and it could cause severe pain. In Jewish circles it is done without any antiseptic, by Rabbi’s,  Mohl,  yet many doctors in North America regularly use some form of pain medication during the procedure.

There are widespread theories of what is best for the child, and parents must make an informed decision before they go ahead with this very common practise.

In most cases, if the father is circumcised, they will do it to their male offspring and vice-versa.

The American Medical programs are thinking of de-funding the practise to save money, but parents must make the final decision based on their knowledge and for religious reasons. Could the trauma of this procedure affect the child later in life?

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