August 18/2012 – I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, Ashleigh Banfield has NOT been fired, she’s just been moved around, and now she’s filling in on Outfront which happen a to be live on primetime.

I guess I’m not the only one that finds Banfield a little “OFF” although this guy below goes a little over the edge but he’s right on.

CAUTION: Adult language/opinion by so view at your own discretion. His main question about Banfield is, “How could CNN think that they need her on their network”

But then they have Nancy Grace, maybe it’s just for ratings? Maybe it helps to smoke a doobie to watch Ashleigh Banfield or Nancy Grace. Are you “OKAY” with that?

Be careful CNN, Banfield does look great, great legs, until she opens her mouth and starts a live interview, with her opinions.

But for some reason people love to listen to her, or just look at those great legs. But Banfield is just plain ‘Goofy” and consistently she makes a fool of herself and CNN.

You, the public must decide, with your channel changer, and maybe, just maybe, they will get the message, but I doubt it.

Read more about my take on Banfield HERE.

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