Toronto Police Service Chief Bill Blair held a news conference today,  announcing a new ‘strategy’ on how to get control of the gun violence in the City of Toronto.

The city has 17 Divisions and they plan on redirecting patrols to different areas of the city at anytime, when trouble breaks out. Extending existing eight-hour shifts to 12 hours, he plans on increasing patrols to community events like the Caribbean Festival, where he will assign almost 500 officers. All officers will be asked to work longer shifts, (compulsory overtime) which puts them at risk, and has the Toronto Police Association given the Chief their blessing?

This sounds like double talk and buzz words, to let the public think they are doing something to protect the citizens. Buzz words such as, initiatives, resources, partners, innovations and outreach, all have one thing in common, they don’t mean anything to the criminals who are murdering our citizens.

He wants the public to “Feel safe” and hopes that they are safe.

What will the criminals do to bypass this ‘initiative’ will they just move somewhere else, where police cannot find them.

Why was Chief Blair not asked about ‘Stop and Frisk’ a program that appears to be working in New York City. It allows the police to ask anyone they find to be suspicious, to search them for guns at anytime.

The Chief was asked if he supports putting cameras into TCHC (Toronto Community Housing Corp) where many of this gun violence is taking place, at the moment there are very few cameras in TCHC housing units. He danced around that and said it’s not up to him, but thinks it would be best to have more cameras.

There still is apprehension by the public in the trouble areas of the city to report anything they know or see, including the recent deadly shootings at Scarborough’s Danzig Street.

Another option put forward is to evict persons convicted of drug and gun violence from TCHC properties.

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