Anaheim, California  – Times have changed, technology has changed, the world has changed. So filming police in public areas (outside) while they are working or arresting someone, while they are on duty, is supported by the ‘First amendment of the United States.’

This issue came to a head, during a protest march and the police shooting death of an unarmed young man in Anaheim, over the weekend.

It all started when police approached Manuel Diaz and he started to run but police are not sure why, and for some reason Diaz was shot dead.

The next night locals came out to protest, and police started firing rubber bullets into the crowd after a burning dumpster was pushed towards the officers.

The whole protest was filmed by several citizens, and it was alleged several officers offered “to buy the videos from them,” but no-one sold their cell phone videos to the police.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)

I had always thought police would only shoot someone if their life, or someone elses life was in danger. Taser guns were initially brought about because police wanted another option when they didn’t want to use deadly force.

Since the addition of the taser guns, it seems now police are using these devices when someone does not comply instead of the original purpose when they were brought onto the scene.

I recently saw a video clip of two bulky police officers throwing a man to the ground after he was involved in a car wreck and very disabled, he did not comply, so they tased him several times. Could they not have wrestled him to the ground with their large stature, instead of using a taser gun?

In Toronto, only supervisors are allowed to carry the taser guns, let’s hope it stays that way, as the track record shows clearly, police are misusing these devices.

No matter what they say I would follow my instincts and if the police ask me to move back, I would do so. There are certainly places in the USA I would not record police on the job, but that is a decision each individual must make.

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