Colorado – The stoic look of James Egan Holmes, 24, was a reminder yesterday, of how one person can change the life of all Americans, in three short minutes.

He stormed into the Batman Premiere showing of Batman: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and killed 12 innocent victims and shot another 60 without notice.

Aurora, Colorado had seen tragedy before, almost fifteen years ago with the Columbine shooting, and then just last year with the shooting of congresswoman Gaby Giffords.

Are the American people fed up yet, is this the final straw, will people realize that automatic guns and military weapons should not be available, to the general public.

The Second amendment of The United States reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Have we all forgotten about the “Brief history of United States of America”  from the Academy Award winning film Bowling for Columbine. In recent days after the shooting in Colorado, gun sales have increased by over 40%, why?

In the last few days gun shop owners have noticed line-ups at their doors each morning just like Walmart or Target outlets.

Did the Founders ever envision the use of an AR-15  rifle which has an automatic clip of 100 shots, which can be fired in one minute. They can be used in any kind of innocent attach, at anytime, on it’s citizens.

Does this bring about the question of whether automatic 100 per minute military style weapons should be made available in the USA?

What’s the position of President Obama and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney of the banning of these “Human killing machines”

What possible advantage are these weapons for the American public?

Holmes appeared in court yesterday looking like a cartoon character out of a violent video game, with his bright red and orange hair ‘The Joker’ and sitting there looking straight at the Judge with a very strange psychotic look. He may plead insanity, but he clearly knows right from wrong, but just may be determined extremely mentally ill.

Obama has stated all Americans MUST buy health insurance, and he indicated over three years ago he wanted to put restrictions on assault rifles like these, but what happened, the restrictions lapsed, and were never re-instated by the Obama Government and the Congress.

Will this question be brought up at the Presidential Debates in the fall?

Will the reporters have the balls to ask the big question? “What’s your position on banning automatic assault rifles?”

Not likely, why?

They are afraid of the NRA (National Rifle Association, since 1871)  and afraid if they take on the ban, elimination of these, people killing machines, they may lose votes from gun owners.

There’s no doubt USA citizens have the right to protect themselves in their homes and elsewhere, but if everyone in that Aurora, Colorado Theatre had  a concealed weapon, would that have stopped the massacre?

Many, many more would have been killed and injured, does that sound unreasonable?

How can the public support the current laws?

Not safe in a park,  Congresswoman Gaby Giffords, not safe at a University, high school,  not safe at a movie theatre, where you relax and go into fantasy land.

Voters and citizens, even gun owners, must admit, this has to stop.

The politicians have to stand up and do the right thing.

This MUST be the last, the very last incident of such a slaughter of innocent citizens, children and adults alike.

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