Toronto, Canada – We don’t seem to have a problem with ‘Stop-and- Frisk’ at our Airports, why then do we not have it in our city everywhere, to stop these gangsters from running around with loaded weapons.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – What a small world, women who escaped safely from the Eaton Centre terror, was killed in the shootout in Aurora, Colorado today at the movie theatre.

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This is not the first shooting in Toronto, just last month there was a shootout at the Eaton Centre a popular downtown tourist site and shopping mall, two dead, a thirteen year old tourist shot in the head, but he will completely survive. After that shooting the police would not disclose the type of weapon used but it was rumored it was a machine gun in the open and crowded food court in the middle of the day.

After the shootout at the Eaton Centre last month our Mayor Rob Ford said, “This is the safest city in the world,” does he still believe that?

We need our politicians and police to stop dicking around and have the ‘balls’ to take some drastic action, like bringing in ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ like they have in New York City. Granted, it does appear to skirt peoples civil rights, but then who in Canada is allowed to carry a loaded gun. Very, very few, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The shooting occurred at a private party at 10:40 p.m. in Toronto’s east end, and what was a toddler doing awake at that late hour. Many party goers left the incident injured and have not re-surfaced.

Why has it not been reported, who was at the party, what kind of party was it? It was an annual event BBQ arranged by someone. It appears everyone is on edge to single out any ‘type’ of people who may have attended the party, but we all have our suspicions.

Shyanne Charles, 14, and a 23-year-old man were killed at the party and the toddler, 22 month, was only grazed and not life threatening.

Many at the party asked, “why did this happen,” but very few would give their full names to the media or the police. The party was packed with young people under 30, but the problem is, nobody saw anything.

It’s time we all wake up, and start talking, and put an end to this violence in our great city, they (hoodlums) want you to shut up, and not turn them in, in that respect, it will just continue and never end.

‘Stop snitching’ How’s that working, is that the solution, or is it the problem?

Let’s stop this non-sence and get these hoodlums and gangsters off our streets. It may be your child or loved one that is next to be killed.

Anyone with video or information is asked to report to Toronto Police Service.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s a small world ..

Jessica Ghawi (Redfield) was visiting Toronto from Texas, during this terrible shooting, and had just left the food court just minutes before the gun fire opened. She escaped with her life, and yet today she was killed in the horrible shooting at the Century 16 Theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

Twelve people were killed and over 70 shot as they watched the Batman movie, Dark Night Rises at 12:30 pm this morning. God bless her family, she will be greatly missed.

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