UPDATE: August 28/2012 – It seems we are getting the same old story reported in a long-term study from London, and the USA, that young people over 18 may be causing more brain damage then they can imagine.
A new method of buying marijuana has been revealed, where a group of about 10 teens pool their money and then buy the product from one known ‘dealer’ in their area.
Is it legal and what could the ramifications be if they are caught?
Bypassing dealers may seem like a good idea, but how will he feel when he finds out he is losing business? After all, the group is just dealing in small quantities and how could it ever interfere with the big dealers’ business.
But how will the ‘big dealer’ respond to someone cutting into his profits, with reason and compromise?
Top of the wild male marijuana plant

In an unnamed American state, Canadian province, the thinking is the state itself has allowed people to get marijuana medical certificates, and said they can drive while they are impaired under the influence of pot, but strangely cannot reveal a court case that has set a precedent.
Is it because no-one has been caught yet?
But what if someone is driving while under the influence of pot, and let’s say another car hits them?
The person that is not responsible for the accident will likely be charged with impaired driving, and their life will change forever.
To take it a step further, the teens are not concerned about their operation.
They feel it is a small community  (block) and yet they know about the other ‘dealers’ in town. So if any of these teens stop buying from the known ‘dealers’ will they not know about this little group who are taking business away from their sales? And what happens when the regular ‘dealers’ in town find out?
Will they go to the group leader and suggest to rationalize with him about why they should shut-down their little group?
Not likely, these are the cases we read/hear about everyday, where the ‘big dealer’ just goes over and eliminates the competition for good. I don’t think so, are the group members afraid to get caught and go to jail and ruin their futures.
That does not seem to be their biggest obstacle to overcome. We’ve all read about and seen situations where the ‘dealer’ in your area has known customers, and they stop buying on a regular basis, they do find out who is taking their business away.
It does not end in a pleasant fashion, as possibly the known ‘dealer’ may bring a gun and put a stop to someone cutting into his profits.
UPDATE: A study released in Arizona yesterday claims that marijuana used for select medical conditions has no benefits. It doesn’t say who funded the study, was it big pharma, because they are cutting into their pain management business. You decide.

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